Some Urban Designs Just Make Cities Better (20 pics)

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A solution to feeding stray dogs

This woman found a great way to feed homeless dogs! The plastic tube is long enough to provide the animals with multiple meals. Moreover, it’s easy to make and can be attached to any vertical object, be it a tree or a street light.

Smart urban lamps

These lamps start blooming as soon as you stand underneath one of them. Such innovation would definitely brighten the days of so many people on their way to work!

Play a ping-pong game while waiting at a crosswalk.

With this invention, you’ll never feel bored while waiting for a green light. You can play ping pong with a stranger who’s standing on the opposite side of the road. The only problem is that you might have so much fun that you’ll forget to cross the street!

Solar trees that can charge anything

Solar trees are the future — they can help you out when you’re in the middle of a park and your phone is dying. Plus, they look cool and futuristic.

A slide instead of stairs

It seems like a perfect solution for those who are in a hurry! They can just slide down and enjoy the ride instead of running down a flight of stairs.

Cool urban birdhouses

This Danish designer creates amazing shelters for birds by incorporating them into the urban space. Everyone needs a roof and birds need some room in the cities too!

A waterfall swing

Don’t worry, no one will get wet. The swing is created in such a way that the water stops as soon as you approach it. But what a thrill!

A mobile ATM right on the road

This ATM is truly mobile and easy to access. But we’re wondering about its legal initiative...

A house serving as a bar for a jumper

A giant athlete is jumping over a high house, reminding its inhabitants that every height is reachable. Isn’t it motivating?

Special duck lanes

If there are many ducks in your town, this solution is a must! The animals might not stick to the rules, but it will be a reminder for cyclists to slow down and beware of the little inhabitants of the town.

A furnished bus stop

This will make you feel like you never left your granny’s house. You might even read her favorite book while waiting for the bus.

Forest creatures looking after your bike

These bike racks almost make you feel like you’re in a forest. They’re colorful and can cheer anyone up!

A plant installation in a city square

Such initiative would make any urban space greener! And best of all, it doesn’t require ages to grow. Plants are closer to people this way.

A billboard converted into swings

How can you make use of an unnecessary billboard that’s no longer serving its purpose? Convert it into a fun activity for citizens, of course!

Come take a seat!

Nothing special, just an ordinary bus stop somewhere in Thailand. Would you dare to sit inside the jaws of this sea monster?

Take a nap right in a city’s center.

Hammocks definitely make every public space feel cozier. People lying in the neighboring hammocks are so comfortable, they may take part in heart-to-heart conversations all of a sudden — the atmosphere is just right!

Light seesaws in urban space

These seesaws aren’t only illuminated, but they also emit music as they start to move. Sitting on one of these probably feels like being in the middle of a party!

Built-in umbrellas on benches

You don’t need to check the weather forecast every time you leave home for a walk in the park. These smart benches have it all foreseen. The only problem is that there might be way too many people wanting to sit under the umbrella if it starts to rain!

A bus stop for skaters

Not only could those waiting for the bus come to this place, but those who love skateboarding can as well. Skaters can perfect their skills every spare minute they have before catching the bus!

Sunbathing spots on abandoned stairs

Isn’t this a smart way to make use of stairs that lead to nowhere? Now it serves as an amazing place for sunbathing and chilling during the summer time.




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