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A Post Can’t Get More 2000s Than This (40 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   25 Apr 2018   / 4446 views

This extremely '00s computer desk, complete with lava lamp and Cartman figurine:

Justin Timberlake wearing a Girls Gone Wild trucker hat:

A very powerful formation of LiveStrong bracelets:

A Facebook status about downloading Dane Cook on LimeWire:

A dramatic black and white picture of some Converse with sharpie drawings on them:

Ja Rule and Nelly posing with an iMac at the Sprite.com website launch party:

A Myspace selfie complete with digital camera and shutter shades:

Tony Hawk playing Guitar Hero II:

This huge-ass binder of CDs containing both a Simple Plan CD and a Soulja Boy CD:

Shia LaBeouf wearing a Blockbuster T-shirt:

The cast of 7th Heaven on Trading Spaces:

That helicopter game being played on Windows XP:

Britney Spears holding a robotic dog:

Two girls watching Mean Girls on a portable DVD player:

A Facebook post of some dude asking someone to call them back when they have free minutes:

L'il John holding his pimp cup next to Hilary Duff and Jason Biggs:

The Pussycat Dolls holding Bratz Dolls:

Pete Wentz holding a Sidekick:

A lit'ral Mary Kate and Ashley Gameboy Color game:

And an American Idol game for PS2:

A Britney Spears protective Nokia cellphone case:

A sign strictly banning the use of Heelys:

Bennifer leaving a Blockbuster while arguing:

The cast of ER talking about Papa Roach:

An ad for Pepsi's free iTunes bottlecap game:

A text message clearly sent in T9 asking the other person to go on AIM:

A Monster energy drink placed right next to an iPod and a old phone:

Nicole Richie wearing Uggs with a denim skirt:

The King from Burger King's XBOX 360 games:

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog promoting his new CD on TRL:

Tony Soprano gazing longingly into the eyes of a Big Mouth Billy Bass:

Cheats for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas handwritten on a ratty ol' piece of paper:

Willa Ford at a Teen People party:

Frankie Muniz trying to get you to drink milk:

Paris Hilton holding a Gamecube:

A blingee of the Crazy Frog with a big chain that says "Gangsta":

Stacy's mom (aka Rachel Hunter) wearing a Von Dutch cap:

Britney Spears looking down at a shoddily modeled 3D PS2 version of herself:

Those New Years glasses with the 0's as lenses:

And finally, everything going on in this picture for MTV's TRL Tour:

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