Accidental Art Is The Best Art! (40 pics)

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Art Only Nature Can Create. My Fence This Morning After A Snowy Night On Terschelling, The Netherlands

Morning Frost Looks Like It’s Painted

In Cute Cat News, My Mom Put Up An Easter Decal On Our Front Door And It Makes Gigi Look Like A Dr. Seuss Character

A Rock Created Bird Shaped Window Art On My Car

Oranges Photographed Through The Glass Panes Of A Greenhouse

Sunset Reflected In A Broken Mirror

I Dropped Some Water, Opened The Table Extension To Dry And A City Landscape With Temples And Pinnacles Appeared

Even The Shadows In Scotland Are Plaid

Something Bumped Against A Wall At Work And Made A Painting Of A Snowy Town

This Colony Of Moss Growing Inside A Bike Seat

Mud Spatters On The Car Window Created An Accidental Monet On My Friend's Outback Road Trip

After I Poured Milk Into My Coffee, I Found Snoopy On The Doghouse Under The Moon

Volcanic Explosion On A Lid

The Swirls On This Log

The Snow Has Settled Only On The Outline Of The Bricks On My Friends Driveway

Christmas Lights Under The Snow

Blue With A Touch Of Yellow. Unstirred Paint

The Shadow From The Dirt On My Window Looks Like Mountains

The Tapestry Above My Bed Made A Pretty Sweet Reflection In My Coffee This Morning

The Way This Wood Split Looks To Me Like A City Skyline

A Tree Pattern Inside A Tree

Bark Of A Snow Gum Tree Looks Like A Painting

This Car Door Looks Like An UFO Above The Forest

My Friend Took A Picture Of Her Cat With A Crappy Cellphone Camera Through A Dirty Window Frame And It Looks Like A Painting

The Frost On My Window Looks Like Birds Flying Off A Pine Tree

The Spilled Ink On My Finger Looks Like A Forrest Fire Have Taken Place

This Coffee Stain That Resembles A Map On The Inside Of My Cup

This Aerial Photo Of A Garden Looks Like A Surrealist Painting

Fine Art

Bubbles Seen Through The Top Of The Shampoo Bottle

The Camera Focused On The Reflection Of The Tree Instead Of The Watch

My Dog's Face Looks Like A Van Gogh Painting

Found This Smeared Paint On The Window Of A Vacant Store That Looks Like A Classical Chinese Watercolour Painting Of A Horse

Was Coloring Eggs With My Niece When She Accidentally Made A Dragon Egg

Plum Crazy (Phg) Chrysler. Unstirred Paint

Centrifugal Force Creates A Perfect Work Of Art

The Ice Pattern Outside Of My House Looks Like A Wolf Spirit

My Coworker Spilled Wine In The Office So I Turned It Into A Spazzy Cat, He Loved It

I Cracked My Screen Protector And It Created A Beautiful Piece Of Landscape Art

Algae On A Chinese Lake Looks Like An Impressionist Painting



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