Parents Never Missed A Chance To Lie To Us (10 gifs)

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Myth: Sitting too close to the TV will ruin your eyesight.

Almost every parent told their kids not to sit too close to the TV. And every kid did anyway. I just wanted to see “Dragon Tales” better! Live Science explained that the myth began when General Electric released color TV sets with excessive amounts of radiation which they quickly recalled. Nowadays though, the only risk of sitting too close is strain on your eyes which is cured by simply resting them.

*If a child is continuously sitting close to a TV it might be an indication of nearsightedness.


Myth: If you keep crossing your eyes they’ll get stuck like that.

This classic Mom myth is entirely erroneous. Your face muscles are elastic and you’re simply using them when you cross your eyes. Afterwards, they revert back to normal. There are people who have strabismus (crossed eyes), but it’s oftentimes from an issue with their brain, not from crossing their eyes for too long.


Myth: Eating carrots will improve your vision.

During World War II, the British had a popular propaganda campaign that their pilots could see at night because they ate carrots (in reality it was technology). The myth does have some truth to it though. Carrots are high in vitamin A which helps maintain normal eyesight. However, most people within developed countries already have enough vitamin A in their diets, so it ultimately has no effect on them.


Myth: Going outside with wet hair will make you sick.

Perhaps boys didn’t hear this as often as girls, but ladies know what I’m talking about. Or anyone with a sister. Every time I would rush out the door after a shower as a teenager my Mom would yell “You’re gonna catch a cold!” However, many researchers such as Dr. Pritish Tosh have explained that having wet hair doesn’t increase your chances of contracting a cold or flu virus because you would need “to actually be exposed to an infectious agent”.


Myth: If you pee in a pool a special dye will turn the water blue.

Even adults believe this myth thanks to movies like “Grown Ups” where Kevin James’ character pees in a water park pool, turning it blue. The truth is a urine-revealing pool chemical does exist, but isn’t actually used. If it was, every public pool you visited would be disgustingly turned blue. My own sister peed on me at a water park and there was no evidence besides her evil laughter. I can forgive, but I’ll never forget Sarah.


Myth: If you swallow gum it’ll stay in your stomach for 7 years.

Every parent tried to deter their children from swallowing gum. The truth is simple though: gum goes right through you. Like anything you swallow, it comes out the other end when nature calls.


Myth: Cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis.

According to Harvard Health and countless other studies, cracking your knuckles does not hurt them or cause arthritis. It’s simply the sound of gas bubbles bursting. Some parents might find the sound gross and/or annoying but there’s no medical reason not to. Not when it’s so satisfying!


Myth: You can’t go swimming for 30 minutes after eating.

Summer pool parties: the fun was non-stop as a kid until you made the mistake of eating a popsicle and your Mom banned you from the pool for 30 minutes. The myth goes that if you swim too soon you’ll get cramps, but it’s all a lie! According to studies such as BBC Future’s, your body does require more blood flow when digesting that could take away from your ability to swim vigorously. However, they emphasize that this would only be a concern for professional athletes who are exhausting massive amounts of energy while they swim, not the average person splashing around in a pool. In other words, unless you’re Michael Phelps, feel free to stuff your face before swimming!






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