A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos (47 pics)

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Stipe Miocic: The Heavyweight Champion of the World. When you can fuck up 100% of the population. You dress how you damn want

The artist who made Ronaldo’s bust a year ago got a second chance. He did better this time

Alyson Tabbitha is the queen of cosplay

Rod Salka wore “America 1st” and a wall pattern on his shorts against Mexican fighter Francisco Vargas. He then took a six round beating from Vargas and quit on his stool

A current Japanese trend is polishing tin foil balls into perfection

Dad created beeping Easter egg for his blind daughter to hunt

Taken 106 years ago. The last picture taken of Titanic afloat

Dental Insurance

Colorization of New Zealand Maori King Tawhiao, photographed in 1884

Chris Pratt visiting the ‘Lego Kid’ at Children’s Hospital

Three members of the Humboldt Broncos holding hands in the hospital after 15+ members of their hockey team died in bus accident

Drake wore a Humboldt Broncos jersey to the Raptors playoff game

Bill and Ted (then and now)

Mark Zuckerberg sitting on a booster

Kane’s (WWE) high school yearbook photo

Every restaurant should aspire to be like this

James Hetfield of Metallica’s newest guitar. It is made of reclaimed wood from the garage where the band wrote their second and third albums, Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets

This cute animal is called a Vaquita and they live in the northern Gulf of California. There are only 12 of them left.

“I gave a girl in my Malagasy village a small Lego set. She came back and asked if what she made was OK.”

Pieces of the Moon and Mars in an Earthling’s hand

A single mother of 5 children managed to graduate from law school. “We did it!”

Pro football player Don Jones took a teen with Down Syndrome to her prom.

A dog hugging its owner

Forgotten childhood

58 years of progress

A man wearing a Mickey Mouse costume stopped to look at expensive cars.

“I’ve been a wedding photographer for over 14 years and finally got to photograph my own beautiful bride.”

“Our cow wasn’t feeling well last night. So my son went outside to spend time with her. I woke up in the morning and found this:”

“My mom was pregnant with me so she missed her senior prom. 18 years later, I took her to mine.”

“She brought all of her toys over so the mirror doggy could play with them.”

A Statue in Berlin of “Politicians Discussing Global Warming”

This garlic I bought doesn’t have separate cloves, it’s just one solid piece.

This setup of vases. Look between them!

Someone decided to go barefoot. Obviously, they changed their mind.

Amazing camouflage abilities

This wooden brick:

Comic jeans

My son’s skin care lotion has a man holding a newborn instead of the usual photograph of a woman.

My right thumb can neither bend much nor does it have the “bend skin” at the center of it.

This blue stop sign in Hawaii:

Here's Antarctica in full:

This is what an actor sees from the stage.

Did you know that crocodiles could get this huge?

A Japanese 1 yen coin is so light that it doesn't just float, but actually doesn't even break the surface tension of water.

Off the coast of Mauritius, there's an underwater waterfall where the sand cascades down to the ocean floor

“Went to Iceland. Took this picture. No retouching was done to it.”

The trees are slowly taking back their territory.





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