History Is Most Exciting When In Pictures (45 pics)

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Athleta Van Huffelen, a strong woman in the circus, poses in the US in 1905.

A Maori family standing alongside a carved figure of the Maori chief Tu-Kai-Taua and each person holding a carved wooden Maori weapon in New Zealand in 1915.

Veterans from the Civil War, Spanish American War, and WWI attend a ceremony with thousands of civilians to dedicate this memorial statue on the lawn of the Lucas County Courthouse in Ohio, US in 1927.

A women being watched and harassed in Mexico City, Mexico in 1950. There are 5 pictures of her being watched by men everywhere she went.

Rakelt (or Peraklet) cottage in Vrångsjö manor in Marbäck parish in Sweden in 1913.

Princess Victoria Louise of Prussia in 1908.

A man prepares for a ritual dance in Kenya in 1902.

Women swimming in Essex, England in 1919.

People hit the dance floor at Whisky A Go Go club in LA, US in 1964.

A man pours tea to a French commander and pro French soldier during the First Indochina War in Vietnam in 1953.

Women getting instructions on how to vote for the first time in NYC, US in 1928.

A couple swap clothes to pose as each other for some fun in the Netherlands in 1905.

3 Mexican women, 1 musician and 2 dancers, pose for a picture in LA, US in 1936.

Women wearing high class fashion of the time in London, England in 1911.

A man oversees this group of female Burlak barge haulers pulling a boat down the Volga River in Ukraine in 1900.

The Waseda University baseball team in Japan in 1925. Baseball was active in Japan well before US occupation after WWII.

A Zulu tribesman pulls his employer in South Africa in 1932. The picture was taken in color.

Shooting a scene in the film Psycho in 1960.

2 Geishas react to seeing Winston Churchills picture in Japan in 1940.

Women having their stockings painted on in London, England in 1941.

Troops preparing to take part in WWI from British West Africa pose for a picture in 1914.

A woman stands by her home in the Arkhangelsk province of the Russian Empire in 1910.

A man selling sponges in Vienna, Austria in 1904.

Red Cross nurses playing soccer (football) in England in 1939.

The moment of impact during a womens wrestling match in the US in 1954.

2 Americans pose with a Chinese man and woman (far left and far right), a Japanese woman and her baby (center) and a Filipino woman and her baby in the Philippines in 1902.

People waiting for the train in Sydney, Australia in 1906.

A Sami family in Finland in 1936.

Women goofing off in England in 1891.

People at the beach in Florida, US in 1905.

Women casting their votes in Syria in 1957.

Young ladies lose their mind when Elvis Presley takes the stage in Philadelphia, US in 1957.

A train from the Canadian Pacific Railway goes over a the newly built bridge over Mountain Creek in British Columbia, Canada in 1890.

The US-Mexico border in 1930. (zoom in)

The Italian cycling team at the Summer Olympics in Antwerp, Belgium in 1920.

2 Men dressed as women showing off some unique fashion in Paris, France in 1910.

Nuclear weapon test Mike on Enewetak Atoll, November 1, 1952

Cat Nohcha, the pet of Russian Special Police Force of Kaliningrad, resting, 1994, Gudermes, Chechnya

A Swiss village, Grindelwald, 1900

Cakes for the soldiers fighting against the terrorists during the Romanian Revolution, 1989

Broadway, New York, 1949

A lama in a taxi, New York, 1957

A Soviet chemical warfare drill in Moscow, Russia in 1928.

Female fighters trained by the French pose for a picture for a magazine in French Indochina in 1948.

Two women wash off in Lancaster, England in 1918.




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