Here’s Why Our World Is Still Live And Kicking! (48 pics)

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Kind Stranger! While Hiking This Dog Sliced An Artery In Her Foot. A Man Happened To Be Passing Right When This Happened And It Truly Was Fate Since The Girl Could Not Carry A 70lb Dog Up The Steep Trail. Dave, Wouldn't Accept Money Or A Gift Card, He Just Wanted A Picture

This Makes Me Smile

Kids Get A $2 Discount If They Read A Book Aloud To This Barber In Michigan

Park Ranger Andre Comforts Orphan Gorilla Nadakasi Through The Sounds Of Bombs And Mortars Firing Above Virunga National Park

Teacher In Ghana Teaching ‘Ms Word’ On Chalkboard Went Viral And Received Overwhelming Donations From All Over The World

4 Hours Into An 8 Hour Flight From Spain To NYC, A Child Suffered An Asthma Attack And His Medicine Was In A Checked Bag. Fortunately A Pioneer Of Robotic Surgery Happened To Be On Board, And Dr. Khurshid Guru Was Able To Macguyver A Nebulizer And Save His Life

At A Waffle House This Elderly Man Told The Waitress That His Hands Weren’t Working Too Good. He Was Also On Oxygen And Struggling To Breathe. Without Hesitation, She Took His Plate And Began Cutting His Ham

13 Truck Drivers Park Side-By-Side Under A Bridge To Stop Man From Committing Suicide

Experiencing The Colours Like Normal People For The First Time

Saw This Sweet Old Lady Passionately Describing Every Sculpture To Her Blind Husband At The Art Museum

Thank You Kind Stranger

A Young Iranian Boy Is Cancer-Stricken, Yet His Teacher Comes To Visit Him Everyday In Hospital To Fill Him In On What He Has Missed At School

Never Underestimate The Power Of Small Good Deeds

He Just Wants To Be Part Of The Family

Older Gentleman Comes To Grooming Shop Just To Get Dog Snuggles. His Dog Passed Away A Couple Years Ago And His Wife Won't Allow Him To Get Another Dog Because They're Too Old For A Puppy And Can't Handle The Broken Heart Of An Older Dog

Turkish Social Media Was Heartbroken Over The Viral Photo Of A Syrian Refugee Boy Staring Into A Turkish Gym. So The Gym Gave The 12-Year-Old Muhammad Hussein A Free Lifetime Membership

When I Was Two I Gave My Dad A Stuffed Beluga Whale To Keep In His Work Bag So That If He Ever Missed Me He Could Hold It And Think Of Me. 18 Years Later, My Dad Has Just Informed Me He Still Brings My Beluga Whale To Work With Him Every Day

Restaurant Closed For Good Reason

Women Are Not Allowed To Attend Soccer Matches In Iran. 5 Girls Sneak In Azadi Stadium In Disguise To Celebrate Persepolis Championship In Iran's Persian Gulf Pro League

Guy Just Loves His Hamster

While Waiting Tables Tonight, A Mother And Daughter Started Crying Mid-Meal. I Had No Idea What Happened Until A Single Guy At The Table Next To Them Handed Me This Note With His Bill. Faith In Humanity, Restored

A girl in my geography class had to bring her newborn to class today. The baby started crying in the middle of our quiz. When she took him out to hold him, my professor insisted that he wouldn't mind feeding the baby and rocking his car seat until she was done. This is my so so awesome, sweet professor, on his knees.

The Man Needed A Kidney, And A Class Mate From 50 Years Ago Who He Barely Knew Answer The Call





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