Pics That Are So Poignant and Fascinating (53 pics)

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6 years ago I posted my wife's eye that her doctor told her was the weirdest he'd ever seen. Since then my photography's improved quite a bit, so here's a new pic I took a couple days ago.

Perfect heart shaped strawberry

Spooky lone oak tree, North Yorkshire, UK.

This Scaleless Snake

This penny I got in my change is 150 years old

Useless minimalism, stop that

This village is not artificial, it exists and it is called Shirakawa and it is from Japan. 

This Gerber Daisy looks like a Poké Ball

Found a heart shaped tomato at work yesterday

On my walk at dusk I found a spot that was perfectly half day, half night.

These giant baguettes

$1,000,000 USD in $1 bills

There's a magical forest in Belgium where millions of bluebells bloom together once a year 

I got an M&M in the shape of a perfect icosahedron (also known as a D20).

The skeleton of a puffer fish

Mars is beautiful in the early morning light. Snow on the dunes.

Found the spot.

DSLR Camera. This is everything that goes into making a high quality camera work.

Hi. No, seriously, hi.

Italicized Shop Name. Now you see it. Now you don't.

Look Closely. Quack quack.

Phone Case. What are the odds?

Prescription Bottle Lid. Just to remind you that you're a drug addict.

Secret Passage. There better be something good in there.

Two Scenes, One Picture. Believe it or not, this is a real image.

Uber Fun. "Take me somewhere really far away."

Vodka. Polish supermarkets understand their customers.

Black Opal from Coocoran Opal Fields, Australia

New Zealand's Mount Taranaki has an incredibly neat base.

Groovy sunlight through the prismatic window film

I took a photo of a Soldier with two different eye colors.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Imperial March

Woke up at 5AM to catch the tulips with morning mist, the Netherlands

Roommate is a radiology major and today they x-rayed flowers. Thought you guys might enjoy

This cute guy was hidden under the wrapper of my drink.

The bottom of this bottle of rose is shaped like a rose

When you take flight sims too far.

My local cinema has the carpet from the movie ‘The Shining’

My mom sent me this photo of a guy burning wood behind her house. Looked to me like a promo poster for an up coming horror film.

These mounted police officers have "tail lights"

This unaltered photo of the reflection in my cat's eyes

Balancing 12 nails on top of one.

Hexagonal Pencil Art

The relief pattern on these snow-covered Iowa fields.

I found a lemon with only four segments

The left side of the street is Beverly Hills, the right side is LA. Beverly Hills only paves their side.

Crumbling old cobblestone wall restored with Legos

Apparently, my parrot has bottom eyelashes.

Saw a lorry with 12 supercars on it

Somebody tipped me $1 folded into a collared T-shirt.

This cigarette disposal with a set of lungs on it

Innards of a hard-boiled egg after it was neglected in the fridge for a year. Consistency of a marble.

The path my cat takes across the lawn everyday


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