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Even In Prison They Find Ways To Smuggle Things (31 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   8 May 2018   / 5549 views

An attempt at smuggling in drugs and a needle inside a visitor's sneaker

Sandal shank. For when La Chancla isn't enough.

A fully-functional pistol. Made entirely out of scavenged/smuggled items in a prison.

A drone's attempt at smuggling tons of contraband into a prison.

A fan made by a Hong Kong prisoner.

Improvised cigaratte lighter (cigarette tip touches the bare wire in the middle)

Candle made out of a yogurt container.

A cellphone smuggling attempt with the famous "book-hole" trick.

Chairs carved ENTIRELY out of ivory soap.

Double-barrel pistol.

Chess pieces, although it's unclear what they're made of.

Paper mache dice.

A "bug"- commonly used by inmates to alert others of when there's a surprise search

A fully functional grill/oven

Immersion heater for brewing prison brew.

The all too famous smuggled tattoo gun.

A fully functional radio.

Smuggling attempt using soccer balls

A pipe and the box it was hiding in

Motorcyles made entirely out of scavenged prison materials

Yet another drone smuggle attempt.

Another fully-functional gun, this time a shotgun that was actually used in an escape. It tore down some bulletproof glass, allowing prisoners to escape.

A pipe whip.

Razor whip.

Looks like a nail gun turned into a zip gun.

A table. But get this- it's made out of Ramen noodle packaging and masking tape.

A receiver for a bug.

Issa pipe.

Everything is labeled in the image.

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