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A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos (40 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   9 May 2018   / 5607 views

Eminem just celebrated 10 years of sobriety

This animal is called a Vaquita, they live in the northern gulf of California, and there are only 12 of them left

These airline seats are higher so your legs bend at a slight angle, allowing more seats per plane.

Heart being rushed into the hospital

Halle Berry at 51

1990 vs. 2018

The first Pirate Bay server

This is what Amazon’s website looked like in 1995 when it debuted

Martin Scorsese’s List of 39 Essential Foreign Films

Advertisement for Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic experdition

Congratulations sent to Marvel Studios from Lucasfilm on the biggest opening weekend in history

 A medical student after six years

Medical gloves designed for medical emergency response

Nice Idea For Halloween

16 Bad Things that are Decreasing in the World

This small-town street sign points to the direction that each person in town lives.

Water current directing drain in a steep slope in Taiwan.

This tree survived the bombing in Hiroshima.

Abandoned Chinese Fishing Village

The path my cat takes across the lawn everyday

This wood deposit

Baby Blue Marlin

This tree fell and kept growing in 4 spots.

The table and chairs at my friends house look cell shaded

This tree splits then comes back together

This picture I took of a geckos foot

This circular ping pong table.

This apartment complex pool with wheelchair access!

These apples have hearts on them.

Fuzzy Black Hole

150 year old Victorian prosthetic hand.

Last time we hire TWO architects

Stairs at Balamand University, Lebanon

"So I smelled food during my stat lecture, look down and literally see a girl eating steak and lobster...can’t make this stuff up"
This kid reading a book in an Apple store today.

Me: “yo where are you guys?”

Friends: “we’re nearly there, save us a seat”


"My dog turned 12, which is, in my province, the age at which you normally graduate elementary school. In this occasion, my sister made a graduation picture for him. It is now hanging in the living room, right between our pics. We are proud."

The defiant. The single. The free. The 100km an hour Pringle.

Yesterday was my birthday so i threw myself a party

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