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A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos (59 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   14 May 2018   / 13330 views

A baby blue marlin

This apartment complex pool has a wheelchair access.

Jewel caterpillar

This lumber storage is a real work of art.

A gecko’s foot viewed from below

“This small-town street sign points to the direction that each person in town lives.”

“A water current directing drain on a steep slope in Taiwan.”

This tree survived the Hiroshima attack.

A forbidden fishing village in China

“The path my cat takes across the lawn everyday”

This fallen tree kept growing in 4 spots.

The table and chairs at my friend’s house look like they’re made of paper.

Looks like this tree swallowed a huge ring.

This is a circular ping-pong table.

These apples have heart-shaped marks on them.

Looks like this dog is looking up from a black hole.

A 150-year-old prosthesis

The Royal Ontario Museum, located in the city of Toronto, looks like a game glitch.

The stairs at Balamand University, Lebanon

An unusual human eye

A caterpillar’s lunch

A stunning pink dolphin

A heart-shaped strawberry

A lone tree that resembles those in horror movies

A skinless snake

The Diphylleia grayi flower becomes transparent after being in contact with water.

“I found a 150-year-old coin in my change.”

Minimalistic playing cards

This Japanese village looks like it belongs in a fairy tale:

The symmetric coloring of this flower:

A heart-shaped tomato

This is where the night meets the day:

Gigantic baguettes

This what a million dollars looks like in one-dollar bills:

A tiny screwdriver

There’s a magical forest in Belgium where millions of bluebells bloom together once a year.

An M&M in the shape of a perfect icosahedron

The skeleton of a puffer fish

Snow on the dunes of Mars

The sun seen from a UV lens

Elephant's foot

Kiwi egg size in relation to its body

The inside of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is empty

Behind a Frozen Waterfall

Platypus Skull

This feather is so small that I lost right after taking the picture.

The Scaly foot gastropod is the only known animal to incorporate iron into its skeleton (as well as its scales), making it literally the most metal creature on Earth

Birds illuminated by fire on a backdrop of smoke

The Darth Vader flower.

65 foot tall "Lava Bubble" in Hawaii 50 years ago

Potatoes being grown in air

This man’s arm after sanding wood for an hour

I bought a banana tree today and thought the new curled leaf looked beautiful

Square Cloud

Innards of a hard-boiled egg after it was neglected in the fridge for a year. Consistency of a marble.

Ice Caves in Iceland

Wood dust makes this arm look like dry, cracked dirt

A few trains

The filings on my work bench magnetized to my knife

Credits: brightside.me

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