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Alcohol Is Especially Bad For Them (26 pics)

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“In case anyone wants to know how drunk my boyfriend was last night...”
“Wife is working a late shift so I’m getting drunk to clean the house. Letting alcohol help my marriage!”
“This guy, drunk on fermenting apples, just ran into my window, threw up, and stole a rock. He’s in the tank to sober up.”
“I got blackout drunk and broke multiple things in my house. But at least I took this decent photo that I don’t remember.”
“I got drunk and tried to fix the fridge. It didn’t go well.”
“Got drunk and took a cool photo of my cat and me pretending to be astronauts with the help of my washing machine!”
“My sister made a couple of drunk purchases.”
“The sheriff had to tow my drunk body to shore.”
“Alcohol + technology: My friends got drunk, 3D scanned themselves and printed it out.”
“This is the best picture ever and I found it on my phone the day after a celebration.”
“My roommate made coasters of pics we took of him blacked out.”
“My roommate got drunk last night and I woke up to this in the kitchen this morning...Shall I move out?”
“My fiancé hugging a bucket. It’s our wedding day.”
“So I was drunk one night and added this to my wishlist and my mom blindly ordered it for Christmas.”
“I made my cat a fort.”
“Woke up hungover on the floor, and the first thing I saw was my dog. She wanted to be by my side all night.”
“What happened last night?”
When you were drunk and couldn’t find the key:
“My roommate got drunk last night and brought home a random little person who he just met, who is now passed out on my couch and snoring like a bear.”
This shirtless guy is drinking beer in the library.
“My friend is sure that he is a god on the dance floor.”
“My buddy on the left passed out at a bachelor party. I decided to lie next to him to create a cool picture.”
This guy got stuck in a seat for kids in a fast food restaurant.
“My friend was having such a great time yesterday that in the morning I found him passed out like this.”
“My friend ordered 336 cans of cream of celery soup while she was drunk.”

This guy was lucky enough to meet a real deer on New Year’s morning.

Credits: brightside.me

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