Everything Clever Is Actually Very Simple (44 pics)

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Chicken, fries, and soda at Yankee Stadium

You can take a slide instead of the escalators in this mall in Prague.

Dishwasher projects the time left onto the floor

The dishwasher in Switzerland with a programme only for "Fondue/Raclette" dishes.

This Jerky came with dental flosser

This restaurant sells fries in paper cones - and the tables have diamond shaped holes that hold the cones.

My Asian 'Pringles' has a tab to lift the chips up so you don't have to put your hand inside the tube

Coolest idea ever. It locks your phone to charge while you shop.

This lift has an alarm button at floor level in case someone collapses.

This pastry bag has a cutout for condiments so they don't get greasy

I bought a pack of cigarettes and they came with a postage paid recycling pouch.

Solar panels to provide shade in a parking lot

This single water fountain has a place for dogs, a short person, a tall person, and a place to fill your water bottle.

My lab has these door handles to help you open and close the door easily while having your hands full

This wallet has 2 buttons for when the wallet gets more full.

My parents’ new kitchen has a rolling ladder

This beach has a waiting spot for your dog when you need to use the washroom

This store that sells children's clothes has a tiny door for Kids to walk through.

This restaurant I went to uses wooden utensils to reduced plastic waste.

This spoon that doesn’t fall into your soup and ruin your day.

My grocery store started selling overripe bananas for cheap with a recipe for banana bread on the bag

My new waffle maker has button for "A Bit More"

My local sourdough bakery has a bike rack in the shape of a toast rack, complete with oversized slice of bread.

Backyard bowling alley, with pins resetting via strings

Use a fork or two as a laptop cooling pad. They elevate your laptop with maximum airflow and tilt they keyboard

Use a fork or two as a laptop cooling pad. They elevate your laptop with maximum airflow and tilt they keyboard

My husband just made a phone stand out of a potato....

My friend has been using a mouse for his phone ever since the touchscreen broke

Easy trick to improve your carpet cleaners performance. Works like a champ!

When your dad wants to buy you glasses all the way from Alaska so he prints it a picture of your face and brings it to the store with him.

Sqeeze more life out of your old phone by turning it into a smart clock

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