History Is Most Exciting When In Pictures (50 pics)

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Lynne Frederick in 1971 before she became the final wife of actor Peter Sellers

Charles Bronson with Jill Ireland in 1971

Japanese goaltender Teiji Honma at the Winter Games in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany in 1936.

A guardsman begins to faint during the Trooping the Colour ceremony on Horse Guards Parade in England, 1957.

Herdsman in Bolivia, 1933.

A female mason worker perched high on a rooftop in Berlin, Germany in 1910.

A woman wears a gas mask during her audition for a revue in LA, US in 1942.

A young girl walks with penguins at the London Zoo in England, 1937.

A busy area by the waterfront in Shanghai, China in 1927.

A farmer in Japan, 1922.

Native Americans dress as mythical birds in British Columbia, Canada in 1914.

Cleaning the gears of a rider during the Tour de France in 1950.

The crew of an anti-aircraft gun in Denmark in 1940, just weeks before Nazi Germany invaded.

A group of women lifeguards in the Henley Club, Australia in 1946.

A young student is scared as she gets fitted for a gas mask in a school in Honolulu, Hawaii, US in 1942.

Biafran volunteers both male and female train with fake rifles during the Biafra War in Nigeria, 1967.

Women washing clothes in the river in Nice, France in 1906.

People continue their daily lives even after the city streets have flooded in Mexico City, Mexico in 1951.

Girls in traditional clothes in Sweden, 1934.

A policeman with his police dogs in Poland, 1924.

A large family living in the slums of Chicago, US in 1954.

Government troops use a tractor as armor while guarding a street during the Spanish Civil War in Barcelona, Spain in 1936.

A lesbian club called The Gateway Club in Chelsea, England in 1953.

A boy riding a man wearing the costume of a demon for a Krampus parade, Austria,1954.

A couple from the Victorian era is trying to hold a pose in a photo studio in the 1890s.

A representative of Ainu — the indigenous people of Japan, 1880.

The liner Queen Elizabeth is bringing American troops into New York Harbor at the end of WWII, 1945.

Freddie Mercury sitting on the shoulders of Darth Vader, 1980.

Stephen Hawking with his future wife, 1964.

A boy between 2 mounted lobsters caught off the New Jersey coast, 1916.

Opening the Mona Lisa painting after it had been hidden from German troops in 1939, in 1945.

A construction on one of the squares in New York called Longacre Square. One year later, it will be renamed Times Square, 1903.

One of the last photos of Tsar Nicholas II, 1917.

Admiral William H.P. Blandy and his wife cut into a mushroom cloud cake celebrating the 1946 atomic tests on Bikini Atoll.

Adolf Hitler’s pants after the failed assassination attempt at Wolf’s Lair in 1944.

Queen Victoria herself scratched out her face from the photographic plate because she didn’t like the way she looked in it, 1852.

Men wearing Mickey Mouse costumes, Paris, 1932.

A young Fidel Castro (with the lollypop) poses with his friends in Santiago, Cuba in 1940.

An 8-year-old boy named Mark lies on a bed of nails while playing Monopoly in London, England in 1976.

West End, London, 1949.

The interior of 1936 Imperial Airlines airplane, 1936.

Titanic survivors approach rescue ship RMS Carpathia, April 15, 1912.

Barber Shop in Clanton, Alabama, the 1920s

A group of Victorians doing the cakewalk, 1890.

A woman wears the Dakko-chan toy on her arm, Japan, 1960.

The opening of the first Gucci shop in New York, 1953.

An 18-year-old Bruce Lee and his master, 1958.

Getting cooled air piped into the car while enjoying a meal at a drive-in restaurant. Houston, Texas, 1957.

The public demonstration of König’s fire helmet with a water shower. Germany, 1900s.

Fans begin to break through police lines to try and see the Beatles who were receiving the Member of the British Empire (MBE) from the Queen at Buckingham Palace in London, England in 1965.




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