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Lifehacking Has Never Been This Easy! (33 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   16 May 2018   / 4114 views

“When hanging something with two hooks, use painters tape to get exact markings, and a level on the wall. Hammer in your nails, and peel away the tape!”


“I put a bubble level on my basic drill so I know when I’m 90 degrees perpendicular to ground when drilling vertically.”


“iPad Mounter for bunk beds (made the best out an unfortunate dorm situation).”


“Use plastic hooks to prevent your trash bag from falling into the can.”


Universal remote before…


… and after


“When disassembling items, punch your screws thru some cardboard and label the sets. This will help you retain your hardware, remember placement and order of reassembly.”


“How to get your kid to take medicine.”


“I use an upside down metal dish rack to keep my Tupperware from flipping upside down in the dishwasher.”


“I used command hooks to hang my pan lids onto the inside of a cabinet door.”


Does your dog hate showers? Slather some peanut butter on the wall to distract them.


“Put the freezer bars between the shelf grids for the perfect shape with bubble on the top.”


“Cut a Starbucks paper carrier in half and put at the bottom and middle of their carry-out bags to carry 4 grandes safely per bag.”


“Need to iron a shirt but don’t have time? Hang it up in the bathroom as you shower and all the wrinkles will come out.”


How to transport the clothes you hang when you’re moving.


How to eliminate screen-cheating.

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