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Humor Is What Keeps Couples Together (32 pics)

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“My wife’s face on our wedding day compared to the day when she met Rob Lowe.”
The story took an unexpected turn: internet users found a photo of Rob and his wife and compared it to the photo above.
“My wife gave me this book with this photo inside.”
“On our first date, I jokingly told my boyfriend I loved Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park so much, I wished I had a giant painting of him. 4 months later on my birthday, he gave me this painting.”
Me: “Are you mad at me?” Her: “No, I even left you some pizza.”
“My wife managed to capture the least manly shot of me launching fireworks.”
“Took a picture of my wife running to get out of the baby’s picture.”
“Check out what my boyfriend made me!”
“Left my boyfriend unattended with my hair extensions for 10 minutes.”
“I didnt want a cat but my wife did. So we compromised and got a cat. Best. Compromise. Ever.”
“Every night, my wife wakes up to breastfeed my son, she asks for the same delicacy. Behold, peanut butter apples at 3:00 AM.”
“Took this photo of my girlfriend and our cat.”
Parents like these make growing up so much fun:
“Let’s get married in a bounce house!” she said.
“I just asked my girlfriend to marry me at 55 ft below the sea.”
“Heard my boyfriend giggling to himself in the bathroom last night and I woke up to a lint roller refill.”
“For Valentine’s day, my girlfriend ordered an illustration of us and our cat.”
“My girlfriend gave me this.”

How much time did it take you to notice the difference?

This is what a perfect family looks like:

It doesn’t matter how old you are. The way you feel matters.

The best example of teamwork!

Peter Pan and his shadow

Sincerest congrats from Ryan Reynolds to his wife:

And her response for his birthday:

“So my friend and I managed to win a costume contest with this (I’m Barnacle Boy).”

The most genuine reaction we’ve ever seen

My wife wanted jewelry for Christmas. So I gave her this:

My wife asked me to take a picture of her in labor.

My boyfriend finds out which outfit I’m wearing to go out with him and matches it...

Got bored, put on an old Halloween mask, turned on the motion detection on our nanny cam, and sent it to my wife. My ear is still bleeding from her phone call.

And the Oscar for the best compliment goes to...

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