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Pics That Are So Poignant and Fascinating (44 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   24 May 2018   / 13091 views

Santa Fe High School, twenty-eight days ago

“Join the military, it’s safer than school”

Victims of the Santa Fe High School shooting in Texas

Texas school shooter ‘killed girl who rejected him in front of class

Quote by Franklin Delano Roosevelt during his second term


If only nature would find a way to cover these bananas so we didn’t need to waste so much plastic on them

Salma Hayek at 22 and 51 respectively

Little boy gets escorted by 70 police officers on his first day of school after his father died

The face of a man who’s just been cleared of an 18 years long false conviction for rape and murder

Police say it’s the best Senior class Prank they’ve ever seen


How about, Fuck you!

What Happens in One Minute on the Internet

Chealsea Davy, Prince Harrys ex-girlfriends face at Harry and Megans Royal Wedding

If you’re B positive with a kidney to spare, give this dude a call

Bus belonging to a Georgia Gubernatorial candidate

Local Toyota dealer has a car that was hit by a semi on display to show how safe the car is for its passengers

The skull of a person with the rare type of bone cancer Chordoma.

Elysia chlorotica, a sea slug that can photosynthesize

Bag looks like a cartoon

This tulip has a leaf that has half morphed into a petal

Hand Made Ghost Ship

These hello kitty construction barriers in Tokyo

The reflection of my make-up bag looks like a nebula

This 100+ year old brick has finger marks in it from it's creator

A Ghanaian wedding.

Trojan Horse made entirely of computer parts

The way these leaves change their color.

A manhole cover in Weisbaden, Germany.

This hotel is an old prison

Moved a pot and found this weed’s root system.

Our soap pump fell and cracked, but didn’t break. The soap clogs the cracks.

Just came across this on instagram...

Purple wood

This is what it looks like when a vine wall falls off the side of the wall

Whale Sharks in the Philippines

Goku Spirit Bomb Lamp

My brother likes to search for shark teeth on beaches. This was 6hrs of searching at Folly Beach SC.

Six months of buildup in a pipe used for a mineral pool spa.

Black Ice cream

The water in Ginnie Springs, Florida looks cleaner than people's pools

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