Pics That Are So Poignant and Fascinating (60 pics)

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The Mountain with his girlfriend

Russian television photoshoped the smile on Kim Jong-Yin

Nothing about this picture has aged well

Know what foods are safe for your dog

Writings of Clive Wearing, the man with a memory span of only 7-30 seconds

This 1921 cartoon is the first ever meme

Pretty cool motivational gym shirt idea

How English has changed over the last 1000 years

“The Simpsons” writing room, 1992

Picture of a Single Atom Wins Science Photo Contest

Rewriting history

Exit Door disguised as bookcase in Alzheimers Ward

Plans for a boobytrap whistle

A copy of the Mona Lisa painted along side Da Vinci by his apprentice. Unlike the original, however, the paint was preserved showing what the famous painting would have looked like in 1517

Firefighters recommend you sleep your kids with their doors closed; this is why

“One in a billion shot.” Cop’s bullet fired exactly down the barrel of mugger’s gun, jamming it

This is the damage a 1/2oz of space debris going 15,000 mph does to a block of solid aluminum

Emma Watson’s official United Nations portrait.

An amazing tree with purple wood.

Female Pakistani Police officers escort a man to jail for abusing his daughter. The judge made sure the last people he saw outside of jail were women.

US Service Rifles from 1873 - Present day.

This poster outside Seoul city hall.

Public library offers bookmarks that teach how to discern real news from fake news

The sad reality of the world we live in.

1.6 billion (U.S.) dollars worth of gold.

A police dog with its new ‘body cam’

A medal for killing two men, but punished for loving one.

A bit of wisdom from the boys in blue.

A hand soap dispenser fell and broke, but the soap filled the cracks and held it together.

An all natural fishing rod holder grows next to a lake.

This barber's skill level is over 9000!

When a vine wall or "green wall" becomes detached from the building.

Can you do this?


“Today is windy, and this little sparrow decided to have a rest on my finger. It’s been sitting like this for more than 10 minutes.”

Replacing the trash chute in a building.

The water pipe from a hot-tub.

The Fibonacci tree.

A perfect “Limon”

Garlic with no separate cloves

Roman sky full of starlings

“I found a transparent leaf.”

A lemon with 4 segments

Snow rollers formed by the wind

A rainbow reflected through an aquarium

“A ladybug made a trail in the morning dew on my car.”

A half dead tree

A grape that looks like a pumpkin

“Moved a pot and found this weed’s root system.”

Long exposure incense picture

A pear pretending to be a banana

Innards of a hard-boiled egg left in a fridge for a year

Water-current-directing drain on a steep slope in Taiwan

Caterpillars forming a line

An up-arrow formed with a shadow from 2 mailboxes.

“Found a round egg at work.”

This cup was found in the lake.

Lucky or not?

My perfume that looks like a mini window cleaner bottle

700 year old home in Iran

Old lady in Vietname gave us a boat ride and made a grasshopper out of palm leaves!





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