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Future Is Here! Haven’t You Seen It? (29 pics)

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This house has a wooden slide inside:

This stall for your dog outside a supermarket in Copenhagen:

“My local grocery store has smart carts that, when you search for an item, tell you the exact aisle and shelf the item is on.”

This meat market has a meat vending machine outside just in case they’re closed:

This Dutch supermarket lets you test the brands of toilet paper they sell:

This supermarket has magnifying lenses on their carts to help people read product labels:

This store in Kentucky sells entire containers of Lucky Charms marshmallows:

Bacon samples

My local grocery store sells “Cocktails-to-go.”

Digital price tags on the shelves

“My grocery store gives away fruit to kids for free to promote healthy eating.”

For parents everywhere:

“The wet floor sign in my school’s bathroom had a little fan on the bottom to dry the water.”

The variety of soaps in the bathroom...

This restaurant provides small cards to place your gum:

This sushi restaurant has 2 soaps in the bathroom. One for before you eat and one for after.

This restaurant in Bulgaria has a buzzer on each table linked to a waiter’s smartwatch:

This carts at this grocery store have a list of common items and the aisle they are found in:

The chairs in this ski resort restaurant have room for your gloves, helmet, hat, etc:

This restaurant sells fries in paper cones — and the tables have diamond-shaped holes that hold the сones.

This restaurant has 25+ rolls of toilet paper on the wall of every stall:

“The Italian restaurant I went to had mesh covers over the lemons so when you squeeze them, the seeds don’t come out.”

This cafe prints a picture of you on your drink’s foam:

“Our local coffee shop uses frozen coffee cubes for iced coffee.”

“The elevator in the building I work in has foot buttons.”

Drawers that work in corners to avoid wasting useful space

A shower with LED lights that change colors (from green to blue to purple to red) based on the amount of time spent showering. Its purpose is to save you money on your water bill.

“The toilet at our new house has a built-in small kids seat.”

This laptop vending machine at the local library:

Credits: brightside.me

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