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You Don’t Have To Be A Photographer To Take A Perfectly Timed Photo (55 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   7 Jun 2018   / 11010 views

I Happened To Catch This Photo Of A Snowflake On My Daughters Eyelash Last Winter; It Wasn't There For Long

My Dad Waits Every Year For The Day The Sun Rises Just Right And Reflects Along The Railroad Tracks, Today Was That Day

Lightning Striking A Rainbow, This Moment Caught On My Mom's Cell Phone

Guy Looks Exactly Like The Woman's Laptop Sticker

The Fog Made This Stadium Look Like A Spaceship

I Think I Captured The Exact Moment This Turtle Lost His Virginity

My Friends Dog In The Background And Her Sons T-Shirt Match Perfectly

Friends Of Mine Got Married Overlooking The San Diego Padres Stadium. At The Exact Moment The Minister Said "You May Now Kiss The Bride" Matt Kemp Hit His 200th Career Home Run, Leading The Stadium To Shoot Fireworks Off

Mum Caught A Squirrel Eating Bird Food

The Way Blue Angels Align With Roof Top

It's Fall Out Of One Of My Windows, Winter Out The Other

My Mum Sent Me This Unintentionally Ironic Photo Of An Accident At Her Work The Other Day

I Was Out Skydiving And... F*ck! My Keys

I Was A Little Confused, Watching The Game Last Night...

Accidentally Took A Picture Of My Legs During The Eclipse But If You Look In The Bottom Right, You Can Still See It In A Puddle

One Of The Kayakers On My Recent Trip To Antarctica Caught A Penguin Jumping Into Their Group

Friend Took A Photo Of Me Swinging My Shirt Around And It Looks Like I Tamed A Crow To Perch On My Hand

The Shadow Of Two Mailboxs Makes A Perfect Up Arrow

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