Lifehacks That Could Save You Tons Of Time And Effort (47 pics)

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An ordinary school eraser can help clean your phone cam.

Post-it notes can effectively clean your keyboard.

“Local pool doesn’t allow alcohol, so I bring water.”

How to solve the problem of tangled cables with the help of toilet paper rolls:

“If you don’t have a 3-ring binder handy, tie wraps are an excellent substitute.”

If you run out of clean pillow cases, use your T-shirts.

You can make a cool lamp with a bottle filled with water and a flashlight!

You can make the best sandwich ever with the help of 2 slices of pizza.

To prevent dispensers on bottles from leaking on trips, wrap them with rubber bands.

To find out whether the batteries on your TV remote control are still working, press the buttons, and look at the top of the remote through the phone cam, which is sensitive to the wavelength emitted by the remote.

You can create a condiment station in a cupcake pan for your next cookout.

If you don’t have a cookie rack, skewers can help.

For those who are tired of cleaning short hairs from the sink after shaving, a piece of plastic wrap can help save time.

A cork coaster is the best organizer for your earrings.

“To keep a water bottle cool for hours, fill 1/5 of a bottle and freeze it laying on its side. Then fill the bottle with water.”

Want a ceiling fan? Mount your table fan to the ceiling with a string and a hook.

When you don’t have a cheese knife, use a vegetable peeler.

“Write the warranty expiration date on products you purchase and you’ll always know what to expect.”

How to stay protected from melting ice-cream:

A Pringles can can become a convenient stand for your tablet.

A drill is the best weapon against dirty bathtubs.

If you’re tired of losing your remotes, make an all-in-one.
“Showering your dog while smearing peanut butter on a wall as a distraction.”
To prevent wrapping paper from unrolling, use toilet paper tubes to keep it in a roll.
When your computer goes into “sleep mode” when you don’t want it to, put your watch under the mouse. The moving clock hands will keep your PC from unwanted lockdowns.
“A useful trick if you have no room left on the countertop while cooking.”
How to fit all your tank tops on a single hanger. You’ll need shower curtain rings and a hanger.
If you don’t have a car funnel, use a stick (or a screwdriver) and pour the liquid onto it.
It looks stupid, but it actually works.
Cut away the middle portion of the tube to get the remains of lotions and creams.
“When disassembling items, punch your screws into a piece of cardboard and label the sets. This will help you retain your hardware and remember placement and order for reassembly.”
Use a rubber napkin to get rid of cat fur on your couch.
You can use an AirPods case as an iPhoneX stand.
Who would you choose?
Use this simple way to pack your clothes in bags if you’re moving.
You can use a piece of spaghetti to light a wick that’s hard to reach.
If ants “steal” your dog’s food, put the bowl into a larger bowl with water in it. They shall not pass.
How to use your old telephone to the maximum: turn it into a smart clock.
“To free up some shelf-space, put magnets in the boxes and hang the boxes on the side of your fridge.”
Buy an ice-cold drink if you’re too hot.
This is what you should do if you don’t have enough space to dry your clothes.
“$5 way to hide all the cables under your TV.”
Genius and simple hack from my dad to know which side to put the USB in.
Use one LEGO man to connect them all!

A plunger is the new must-have item for the beach.

This man is a genius.

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