Parents Never Stop Trolling Their Children (40 pics)

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Thanks, Dad

Dad Slid This Under Her Door

Mom Dressed Up As Her Son For Halloween

My Mother Made A Facebook Account And This Was Her First Message To Me:

How To Scare Your Kids This Holiday Season

Dad Level Ultimate

Oh, Dad...

One Benefit Of Being A Little Person Is That You Can Drive Your Daughter Around In Her Barbie Jeep When She's Had Too Much To Drink

So My Brother, Richard, Is A Paraplegic And Has Been In A Wheelchair For About 25 Years. I'm Fairly Certain My Mom Didn't Much Care If He Was A Walking Dead Fan. She Just Thought This Was Freaking Hilarious, As Did The Rest Of Us

Mom Broke A Knife While Cooking And Sent Me This Picture

Our Child Might Be The Reason You Drink

How In The World, Mom

This Toddler Loves The Ads For A Local Personal Injury Lawyer So Much, His Mom Made It His Birthday Party Theme

We Decided To Embarrass Our Daughter At The Airport After 3 Months Away (We Don't Normally Dress This Way)

I Asked My Mom For A Cool Bookmark And This Is What She Gave Me (Yes, That Is My Mother)

When I Was 12, I Was Attacked By A Howler Monkey In Costa Rica. My Dad Runs A Tour And Travel Company Down There, And I Found This Postcard On His Rack

Son's Birthday Is Coming Up

Decides To Spoof My Son's Facebook Profile Photo. How Did We Do?

My Mom Always Finds A Way To Surprise Me On My Birthday

Parents, Make A Secret Stash Of Inappropriate Photos To Give Their Child On Their 18th Bday

I Don't Always Get Packages From My Father, But When I Do

My Friend's Daughter Just Flew By Herself For The First Time. This Was How He Greeted Her At The Airport

1) Get Your Child To Squash Up Against A Window 2) Take Photo 3) Set As Phone Background 4) Child Is 'Stuck In' Phone

Finally Found My Sons After Walking Past Them A Dozen Times. Decided To Join Them

My Cousin Placed A Horse Mask On His Dog, His Son Didn't See The Humor In It

My Buddy And His Sister Refused To Go Do A Photo Shoot With Their Parents. Subsequently, Their Parents Decided Who Their Favorite Child Was That Day

I Put Vanilla Pudding In A Mayonnaise Jar. My Kids Were Horrified As I Ate It While Watching Them Open Their Easter Presents

Coloring With My Sons

Our 2-Year-Old Daughter Fell Asleep Like This, We Added The Knife For Dramatic Effect

Actual Photo Of Me Waiting For My Daughter To Finish Her Homework

My Mom Is Selling My Brother's Iguana

My Son's First Day At School Today. I Handled It Really Well

My Jewish Mother Gave Me This As A Housewarming Gift

I Think My Nephew Is Already Pissing Off His Mother

In 1980 I Got My Head Stuck In A Fence And Instead Of Helping Me My Parents Took This Photo

Today My Dad Finally Decided To Cash This Chip In, I'm 35

My Dad And I (Jokingly) Told My Mom We Would Leave The Apple Store Only After She Had Taken A "Selfie" On Every Single Device. Next Thing I Know Her Face Is All Over The Store

My Family Is Pretty Odd. Tonight, My Mom Hired An Elvis Impersonator And Didn't Tell Anyone About It

If I Ever Have A Son, I'm Making Him Wear This T-Shirt

A Friend's Son Got $1 From The Tooth Fairy A Couple Days Ago. He Wrote Her A Letter Asking To Upgrade His $1 To $5. This Was The Tooth Fairy's Response


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