This Is Why Our Life Is Definitely Great! (45 pics)

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In the US, a man wanted to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. 13 trucks parked side-by-side to save him.

An employee at a Chinese police station feeds the service dogs while they wait patiently in line.

The goalkeeper of Partizan Belgrade is calming down his teammate who had been listening to racist comments from the tribunes for 90 minutes.

“I put a note in my son’s lunch every day. Today, at a parent/teacher conference I found out that he keeps each of them.”

“My roommate FaceTimes his little sister every week to help her with her algebra homework.”

Montana Brown has fought cancer twice — at age 2 and at age 15. When she grew up, she went to work as a nurse at the same hospital where she was treated when she was a child.

David and Heather Mosher got married right in the hospital because the bride was getting treated for cancer. 18 hours later, she passed away.

“My daughter is blind and for her 9th birthday party. We made chocolate message slabs saying ‘I LOVE YOU’ and ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ in Braille.”

This man helped a woman who was traveling with 2 small children during the entire flight and even after it:

I sold my truck to pay for her surgery

Good girl came to check on me after I dropped something really loudly in the middle of the night...and brought me gift just in case

My daughter spotted some magpies attacking a Jackdaw. After being rescued it decided to hang out with us for a while.

Local PD hands out flowers to all the moms on Mother’s Day!

Saw this on r/Brisbane .. thought it deserved to be here. Random bro drops tennis balls at dog park.

Our cats had a fight and my parents are trying to make them resolve it lol

Brandon was shielding Mykenzie from the gunfire when she was shot. He carried her over his shoulder to safety and got her to a hospital. They're now engaged!! Congrats, you two!

My buddy is getting ready for a battle with cancer and starting chemo tomorrow. Him and his father are shaving his head in preparation. Go get'em, Randy.

American Air Force Col. searches for his Japanese birth mother. He found her — and the restaurant she had named after him.

My wife was in state care from 13–18 years old. Her life has now come full circle, with Penguin publishing her book inspired by the events she experienced in those years. Here she is at her book launch this week and I couldn’t be prouder.

After visiting her mother's gravestone, my friend decided to stay longer so she could go plot to plot and clean up the pictures of all the children she could find

800 days since 7 year old JUST took her last dose of chemo tonight. What a freaking trip.

I took the new pup to the nursing home next door. They instantly became best friends.

A 102 year-old Holocaust survivor meets his nephew for the first time after thinking that all his family perished during WWII

May 4th is the National Remembrance Day in The Netherlands for those who have fallen in WWII and in later wars and acts of terrorism. At 8 PM there's a 2 minutes of silence which is widely respected. Trains and trams hold still, as everyone else does. Including this pizza delivery guy.

Went to take the trash and saw this little guy. He came running up to me so I’m bent down to pet him and he jumped in my lap and did this. Melted my heart!

My beautiful mom before she rapidly deteriorated from a giloblastoma. She walked into brain surgery with a smile on her face and inspires me to always keep smiling even through hard times.





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