Weight Losses That Are Almost Impossible To Replicate (40 pics)

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I Lost Over 80 Kg And I Don’t Have Friends To Be Excited About My Change So I’m Hoping One Of You Guys Appreciate It

I Am A 30-Year-Old Female, And Have Gone From A Size 26 To A Size 8 In 2 Years, Of Course I Have Loose Skin!! It’s Nothing To Be Afraid Of

He Treated Me The Same Way At 485 Lbs That He Does At 182 Lbs. Love Doesn't Have A Size Or Weight Limit

Photo On The Left Was From 2 Years Ago Today And I’m Still Shocked That I Actually Have A Neck

20 Less Than 2 Years It Took Me To Lose This Weight

I've Lost A Lot Of Weight, A Lot Of Sadness, And A Little Facial Hair. I've Gained A Whole New Appreciation For Life. Remember To Always Love Yourself

Two And A Half Years Ago, My Brother Turned His Life Upside Down And I Couldn't Be More Proud

Two Friends Who Got Fit Together

35 Lb Loss, Quit Drinking One Year Ago

To Some People This Might Look Like Two Different Girls But I’m Still The Same Girl In The First Picture As I Am In The Second Picture

Collin Clarke Has Down Syndrome, But Still Managed To Lose Weight And Gain Muscle Mass

90 Lbs Lost In 1 Year. Last Year At This Time I Was The Heaviest And Most Unhealthy I’ve Ever Been. This Year I Walked In My City’s Fashion Week

So Crazy That Just Over 3 Years Can Completely Change A Persons Life. From Size 26 To 6

25 Months Difference

To All Who Think It Can't Be Done. It Can

Chinese Family Spends 6 Months Working Out, And Here Are Their Before-And-After Pics

2 Years, 100 Lb Lost

From 480 To 220 Lbs

Father-Of-Three Realizes He Can’t Keep Up With His Children, Transforms His Body Beyond Recognition In 6 Months. From Size 42 In Jeans To A 33

Lost 128 Lbs In 1 Year And 8 Months No Surgery. No Diet. So Much Hard Work

From 404 To 185 Lbs

101 Lbs Lost. You Could See Facial Progress As Well

Lost 223 Pounds. Was Fooling Around And Taking Pictures And Was Shocked By How Good I Look. I Feel So Proud Of This Picture!

From 463 Lbs To 201 Lbs. Couch Potato To Gym Bro

245=285 (40 Months) Sometimes I Look In The Mirror And Feel Like I Haven't Really Changed Much, But Then I Go Looking For Photos From A Few Years Ago And See This">530>245=285 (40 Months) Sometimes I Look In The Mirror And Feel Like I Haven't Really Changed Much, But Then I Go Looking For Photos From A Few Years Ago And See This

Spent Most Of My Twenties Depressed And Drunk. Looking Forward To Spending My Thirties Happier And Healthier!

My Face Before & After Losing 350 Pounds

When I Got Married I Realized I Needed To Make A Change Toward A Better Future. Almost 2 Years Later I Am Finally At My Goal Weight

Through Thick And Thin. Together My Wife And I Have Lost 315 Lbs

Since My Wedding, I’m A Further 14st 9 Lb Lighter And I Can Now Look Back On The Photos And Love Them Because I Know I Don’t Look Like That Anymore

Lost 125 Lbs In 5 Years. Decided To Turn My Stress Into Motivation

That's Me On The Left Around 10 Years Old Versus Me On The Right Now. Lost About 100 Punds

I Have Lost Over 100 Lbs 6 Years Ago With Weight Watchers And Cycling

Here Are The Pants I Was Wearing Last Cake Day

Lost 170 Lbs In Couple Years. Working On Fitness Now

I Promised Myself If I Lost Weight I’d Get A Nice Suit. 65 Lbs Later And I’m Suited Up Just In Time For My Brother’s Wedding

Day One Of My Journey Vs. My Fitness Anniversary 4 Years Later And Two Year Mark Of Maintaining My 100 Pound Loss

222 Lbs Lost In 2,5 Years

Hiking The 11 Mile Kalalau Trail Took Me 2 Days, Three Days Of Rest, And 2 More Days Coming Back. This Was When I Realized I Needed Change. 135 Lbs Down And Goal Reached

My 121 Lb Body Transformation


Credits:  www.boredpanda.com



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