Lifehacks To Trick The World (30 pics)

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An ordinary school eraser can help clean your phone cam.

Post-it notes can effectively clean your keyboard.

“Local pool doesn’t allow alcohol, so I bring water.”

How to solve the problem of tangled cables with the help of toilet paper rolls:

If you run out of clean pillow cases, use your T-shirts.

You can make a cool lamp with a bottle filled with water and a flashlight!

You can make the best sandwich ever with the help of 2 slices of pizza.

To prevent dispensers on bottles from leaking on trips, wrap them with rubber bands.

To find out whether the batteries on your TV remote control are still working, press the buttons, and look at the top of the remote through the phone cam, which is sensitive to the wavelength emitted by the remote.

You can create a condiment station in a cupcake pan for your next cookout.

If you don’t have a cookie rack, skewers can help.

For those who are tired of cleaning short hairs from the sink after shaving, a piece of plastic wrap can help save time.

“If you stain a shirt, you can simply outline the stain with a sharpie and give it a name. This will make it seem like you visit different islands.”
A great way to store a lot of bottles without taking up a lot of space
This will help you make the sound from your laptop louder.
When your geometry knowledge comes in handy:
“My friend forgot her fork today.”
“It’s a bigger problem than we thought...”
“While we are living in 2017, my dad is living in 3017.”
“I saw this when I went to the beach. Amazing!”
“My uncle’s DIY universal remote”
When you don’t want to lose a client:
Easy paper towel hanger
A paint roller doubles as a toilet paper holder.
“My father hid his beer.”
When you went to the beach and remembered you couldn’t swim:
How’s that for innovation?
When you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time:
A knife holder you can make in one minute
This guy is genius.


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