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How And Why?! (45 pics)

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Where there’s a will, there’s a way!
How and why exactly?
If Harry Potter had traveled by truck:
This Ellen-themed slot machine
A green pepper growing in a red pepper?!
A tree growing out of a sign
Trying to escape
The car that could
Human grasshopper!
“Opened up a melon to find this.”
This dentist’s waiting room
“Saw this on the way home today. I wasn’t worried though, he had his hazards on.”
Dude just took his duck for a walk.
“I find myself asking how this happened with that little amount of damage.”
“My lawyer friend thinks she found a voodoo doll in the court bathroom.”
Yes, but is it art?
“We found this at work last night. A bass in a mop bucket.”

The grass that grew through the aloe vera plant

The triangle elevator

The worm that looks like Christmas

The tree that splits and comes back together

The elevator toilet

The car covered in smaller cars

This banana is literally ahead of its time.

Rat-looking muffin

The fire detector that’s on fire

The strawberry seeds that started sprouting

This sliced ham that looks out of focus

A tomato sprouting

The mushroom that looks like a ghost

The leaf that looks like a heat map

The wood dust made his arm look like it was cracked open.

Water drain in Taiwan

This door that doesn’t fit

Lava that looks like it’s sucking in human souls

There were so many bees living in the wall, that their honey started leaking through the other side.

A caterpillar with the head of a snake

A beehive built around wind chimes

Cordyceps fungus growing on arachnids

A tree that is in two places at once

The loaf of bread that was sliced the wrong way

The PC clean-up service

This boy is playing bowling on his iPad while he is at the bowling alley.

Shedding like a snake

Credits: brightside.me

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