Relationships Need Humor Just As Plants Need Water (24 pics)

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At least I know my boyfriend took a shower today.

I asked my husband to clean our room. This triggered his inner 5-year-old and he fell asleep.

Do you like our prom attire?

I sent my husband to the store to buy milk. Does anyone see milk here?

My parents have been married for 20 years. Mom still asks dad how he takes his tea every morning. Here is his solution:

My husband cleaned the kitchen and I think he wants a reward.

Can you find the special treat from my wife?

What was the theme of the party? Disappointment.

And what does her cup say? CJ’s husband’s wife?

My wife said this license plate made her think of me.

So, you want to play with me?

My husband challenged me to see if I could fit in my new suitcase.

My wife hates comic book movies. Thanks, Universal.

My wife’s new hand towel

I’m a super nervous flyer and my wife just took this pic of me at the airport restaurant. We are about to board the plane.

When your husband is in charge of decorating the guest room:

Is this breakfast for your husband?

When you ask your husband to wrap at least one shirt:

My husband did the laundry. Now we are a Barbie family.

Ideas of what love is from my husband and me. Try to guess which card is his.

Wife: Did you finish the yardwork?

Me: No.

Wife: Why?


When you don’t have a pic of your girlfriend, but you believe in your drawing skills:

My husband travels for work. He gave me this so I am never really alone.

Horse and unicorn: they were never meant to be together but look at how lovely they are.


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