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Being A Young Parent Is Always A Challenge (26 pics)

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“This is how I began my 9 weeks of paternity leave. Couldn’t be happier.”
“At first, we were both scared...”
The Holy Patron of Newborns
Being a parent means supporting your kid both directly and indirectly...
... even when your baby is feeling a little under the weather.
“My nephew wouldn’t let my sister go without crying, so she swapped her hand for a ketchup bottle that weighed the same as her hand.”
“Here is my husband on day 1 of paternity leave.”
Parents should always be ready for their kids’ experiments with paint...
... and for getting creative congratulations from colleagues.
The first rule of a young father is to always cover a kid’s head.
“Our cat is very protective of our newborn. She does not approve of her getting a bath.”
“I came home from work to find all my guys sleeping.”
“I asked my brother how my niece was doing and he sent me this...”
“I’m not sure if I’m successful at bringing up children, but I’m really good at balancing.”
You instantly get several superabilities when you become a mother.
Learning together is always fun!
It’s not necessary to give up your favorite hobby when you become a parent.
However, sometimes you do sacrifice your comfort.
There are many interesting things waiting for you ahead!
Sometimes kids can make your head spin around.
It’s very important for the baby and your pet to find a common language.
If it happens, you’ll be able to trust them around each other.
You should be ready to forget about your personal space. Kids will never leave you alone — even if you work in a basement.
Or when you simply want to use the bathroom.
But they will always show their gratitude with love and care.

“My 4-year-old daughter gave me this bouquet of flowers today... I’m so happy!”


That’s what real happiness in parenthood looks like! A father found this message in his bag during a business trip:

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