Photos That Won’t Let You Get Bored (53 pics)

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Tinder in Japan

Plastic Surgery Blamed for Making All Miss Korea Contestants Look Alike

Stephen Hawking finds his final resting place today at Westminster Abbey, alongside those of Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.

Public bathroom stalls in Europe. No awkward gap in the doors

Reese Witherspoon’s daughter looks like her twin sister

Found at a dentist’s office

This looks like “Inception” but its a real photo from the streets of Macau  photographed by Paul Tsui

Miss Israel and Miss Iraq met in Jerusalem after the selfie controversy. They called for peace between Arabs and Jews

Anti-electricity cartoon from 1900

This isn’t a picture of concrete. This is an aerial photo of New Delhi, India

Quite possibly the most badass toilet paper holder ever!

Stand up for America

Iranian fans unfurl banner at World Cup demanding home country allow women to sporting events

The average color of every frame of a given movie, compressed into a single picture

This fallen tree is holding back the duckweed.
Long-exposure of a tram leaving the station
True happiness for a perfectionist
Who needs Photoshop when you are a makeup guru?
A work by French artist George Rousse, who creates his colorful, intriguing images in deserted buildings set to be demolished
A simple flashlight can make your picture more dynamic.
Long-exposure thunderstorm in Colorado
“I took a long-exposure photo of a moving train, and I am very happy with the result.”
Light refraction
A photographer who managed to “freeze” light
This gigantic duck is real.
A spinning wheel at a long exposure
We all saw the world like this in childhood.
This took a long exposure and persistence of the model
“This is my first attempt at ‘glowing fruit.’ No Photoshop involved.”
A puddle that is hard to look away from
“Our cat is very confused with our new piece of art.”
Rain, light, and a talented photographer
“My coworker had this picture taken at a Dodge Charger meet-up he helped organize.”
This overexposed photo makes the dog’s head look like it’s floating in the air.
“Took a picture of my daughter walking through a tunnel and the lighting made it look like a bad Photoshop job.”
“The intensity of this rainbow refracted through my aquarium.”
No Photoshop. Just strong snowfall and a cross-country vehicle sitting behind an old church...
A carpet that very few people dare to step on
The Tree of Life in South Africa. It is 2000 years old.

This father and daughter really have hair like this.

“Fell asleep in the bath. Now I have finger brains!”

When you manage to capture just the right moment:

This guy is the best mechanic.

Everything blooms in Spring, even beards!

Illuminated tunnel in Mei, Japan

This palm tree looks like a huge pineapple!

Yosemite on the way up to Vernal and Nevada Falls

“My little buddy, Moe”

An earthquake in Taiwan
Solar reflection on a casino building in Melbourne, Australia
A bird tornado
Library in China
A girl wearing a black and white Santa costume


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