Movie Sets Are Quite Dangerous Sometimes (18 pics)

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During “The Mummy”, Brendan Fraser’s hanging scene went wrong causing him to lose his breath and black out for 18 seconds. He said he was holding his breath and trying to keep his toes on the plank when “something went wrong…the next thing I knew, I was waking up”.

Channing Tatum burned his nether regions while filming “The Eagle”. Filming required him to be in cold water for long periods of time, so to help warm him up, they would mix boiling water with the cold water they were mixing and pouring down his wetsuit. On the last batch though, they forgot to cut the boiling mixture with any cold water and it burned his downstairs quite badly, especially since the suit made the hot water cling to his body.

While shooting “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, Harrison Ford broke his leg when the Millennium Falcon’s door fell on him. Production had to be shut down for months afterwards while he recovered.

While shooting “The Princess Bride”, Cary Elwes knew his stabbing scene didn’t look authentic and suggested that Rugen actually bonk him with his sword. The next thing Elwes remembers is waking up with stitches being sown into his head from the sword. The scene in the film is, of course, the one where we genuinely got knocked out.

While shooting a dance scene for “Moulin Rouge!”, Nicole Kidman broke a rib. She returned to set, but she was still in agonizing pain. It turned out that the corset she was wearing was aggravating her injury.

While filming “The Lost City of Z”, Tom Holland smashed his face when trying to land a backflip and broke his nose. He said, “I remember hitting my face on the floor and going, ‘Shit.’ I stood up, I thought I’d knocked my teeth out and the make-up artist was laughing at me”. It’s actually the third time Holland has broken his nose.

While filming “Expendables 3”, Sylvester Stallone had a metal plate fitted after falling and injuring his back. He said in an interview “…so if I’m squeaky just deal with it okay, it’s not my shoes it’s my back”.

In “Django: Unchained”, you see Leonardo DiCaprio’s real blood when he smashes a glass and it really pierces his hand. They did other takes afterwards with his hand bandaged, but of course Tarantino went with gory real one.

In the end of “Kill Bill“, Uma Thurman’s character speeds down a road on her way to kill bill. Thurman was nervous to do the stunt, but director Quentin Tarantino allegedly made her do it. When the car crashed, she suffered a concussion and severe knee damage.

While shooting “Iron Man 3”, Robert Downey Jr. injured his ankle during a stunt and was out for six weeks. Instead of halting production, they decided to continue with his body double and facial captures of Downey’s face, so some of the scenes you see in the film aren’t really him.

While fighting Dave Bautista in “Spectre”, Daniel Craig’s foot got caught in an indentation in the floor, causing a blowout in his knee. Afterwards, he had to take two weeks off.

Jaimie Alexander chipped 11 vertebrae During “Thor: The Dark World”, Jaimie Alenxander chipped 11 vertebrae, herniated a disk, dislocated her shoulder, and tore her right rhomboid falling off a high set piece. She went to the hospital for one week, and after physical therapy returned to set for more fight scenes.

After Brad Pitt broke his arm during a chase scene in “Se7en”, his injury was actually written into the script. Producer Arnold Kopelson said “he wasn’t supposed to break his arm, but that’s what we’ve done”.

In “Rocky IV”, Sylvester Stallone told Dolph Lundgren to actually try to knock him out. He punched Stallone right in the chest, causing his heart to slam into his breastbone; it started to swell and he was sent to the hospital. The injury is usually caused by a car crash, and therefore Stallone’s insurance almost didn’t cover it because they weren’t convinced it was caused by a person and not a car.

After years of playing Wolverine, Hugh Jackman has suffered lots of injuries including stabbing himself in his upper left thigh, stabbing himself next to his left eye, and almost breaking his neck went a stunt went wrong.

Tom Cruise broke his ankle during “Mission Impossible- Fallout” when he jumped from one building to another. The slo-mo footage of his of his foot bending completely inwards and snapping went viral. Additionally, that’s the scene that made it into the movie.

While filming a torture scene for “Syriana”, George Clooney suffered a horrible spinal injury. The headaches that followed were so bad that he even contemplated suicide. He eventually had surgery that eased the pain, but still gets headaches from time to time.

In a stunt for “Armor of God”, Jackie Chan was swung through a tree too fast and a bone penetrated his brain. His stuntmen are actually blacklisted from insurance companies, so any injuries they suffer are paid for by Chan out of pocket.





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