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These Desserts Are As Unattractive As They Are Delicious! (34 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Food   26 Jun 2018   / 2388 views

Olive Oil Sponge Cake With Mint Crumb, Sweet Milk Foam And A Baked Apple Puree

Lemon Drizzle Cake, Lemon Sponge, Chantilly, Lemon Gel

Chocolate And Beetroot Brownie Filled With Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Soil, Mint Leaves

Coconut Mushroom Sweets

Granny Smith Pannacotta, Custard, Granola, Lemon Balm...

Chocolate And Beetroot Cake, Chocolate Soil, Chocolate Plant Pot

Christmas Carrot Cake

Cherry Sponge, Coconut Truffle, Lemon Meringue Mushrooms, Rosemary Chocolate Bark

Orange Parfait, Bubblegum Meringue Powder

Vanilla Pannacotta, Smokey Lapsang Gel, Meringue Powder, Chocolate

Lemon Pannacotta, Filled With A Lemon Sherbet Iced Gel And A Green Tea And Jasmine Custard, All Made Using Home Made Moulds...

Chocolate And Chilli Cake

Mirror Glazed Carrot Cake, Edible Stones, Poached Mint, Chocolate Plant Pot.

Coconut Pannacotta, Mango Gel, Grilled Lemon Sponge...

The Chocolate Buster Sword Cake With Swiss Roll Log

Chocolate Ganache, Thyme, Meringue, Chocolate Soil... The Woodland Floor

Chocolate Log Filled With An Orange Bavarois, Coated In Mint 'Moss'

Ganache Filled Cookie, Charred Strawberries, Burnt Rose Gel, Coconut

Chocolate And Banana

Chocolate And Chilli Cake...

The "Stilton" Cheesecake... Baked Vanilla Cheesecake With Mint Veins

Vanilla And Thyme Smoked Pannacotta, Spiced Orange Coulis

Chocolate Plant Pot Filled With Chocolate Mousse, Sprouting A Chocolate Tree, Topped With A Fluffy Matcha Foam

Chocolate And Carrot Cake... Carrot Cake Cookie Dough, Chocolate Soil, Caramelised Carrot Gel, Carrot Powder

Baked Apple Parfait, Cinnamon Tuille

Chocolate Plant Pot Filled With White Chocolate Creme And Carrot Cake, Topped With Grated Chocolate And An Orange And Carrot Gel

Fools Gold Chocolate Truffle

Cookie Dough Filled With Chocolate Sauce Served With Chantilly Cream... The Potato Dessert Illusion

Edible Stones...

Beetroot And Chocolate Tiffin Cake

Coconut Meringue Mushrooms...

Nitro Canister Bon Bon

Carrot Cake And Chocolate Beetroot Tiffin

Rhubarb Parfait, Custard, Ginger Cream

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