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For Those Who Are Not Easily Amazed (55 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   27 Jun 2018   / 9688 views

Albino kangaroo

Old meets new

Red lake

An impressive thunderstorm

A bridge

2 different epochs

From the depths of transparent water

This cone has been there so long.

Colorful stones

“Awesome career change”

Wall in Lisbon

Perfectly timed photo

Made its way through the bricks

All that’s left

Old vs new

“Pen made of recycled water bottles casts the shadow of a water bottle.”

Caught by a tree

“A wooden wall with dead vines that have grown on it.”

A hotel for bees

Underwater forest

A terrifying heart

A creative bookshelf

Squirrels having a party.

A rare shot of a “snow jaguar”

A beautiful rainbow aura quartz

“My cousin took this amazing photo of a tree in Tanzania.”

“This butterfly is a bilateral gynandromorph: literally half male, half female.”

Venus, the two-faced cat

“A sculpture designed in New Zealand that almost looks like a cartoon”

Hausmannian building in Paris

A frozen pond in Switzerland

A photograph of a plane through drops of water

“Lava that formed to look like a pile of bodies being sucked into the fiery void of hell”

Playing with perspective

The hanging girl

The base of the tree is not glowing, it’s created by the arrangement of the leaves.

A glowing crack in the earth

An optical illusion near a town hall in Pari

The Maldives beach looks like an ocean of stars.

The way these trees are trimmed in Schonbrunn Park

It’s super cool and not photoshopped!

This super realistic body art

This computer repair shop's Windows windows

An albino turtle is still turtley enough for the turtle club

Some of the collected different sands of the Sahara desert.

These ceiling fans are belt driven

Hand forged damascus spork

This massive leaf.

I saw a black squirrel with a blonde tail

The way the shadow makes my ruler look flexible.

This tree is growing inside the trunk of another large (prior) tree

This living moss wall at my office!

Apple has another apple fused to it

This chandelier at a clothing store in the mall is made of clothes hangers.

Flying into Bora Bora

Credits: brightside.me

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