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WikiHow Actually Has Another, Funnier Meaning (30 pics)

Posted in Funny » Humor   27 Jun 2018   / 3953 views

If you take WikiHow images completely out of context and explain them differently, it could end up with some very unexpected results.


How to suck at counting body parts

How to Embarrass a Horse at a Sleepover

How to transmit WiFi signals using your mouth

How to spice up a thumb war

How to Get Overwhelmed as a Woman on Tinder

How to pledge allegiance to Windows XP

How to Use “Enhanced Interrogation” to Find Out Who Tore Up the Living Room

How to start a church for prostitutes

How To Use A Cucumber

How to foul stephen colbert in basketball

How to fuck a ghost

How to come up with a rhyme for spaghetti

How to trick your straight friends into lesbian relationships

How to stop speaking Italian

How to spot the stoner in math class

How to Fake an Orgasm from a Distance

How to explain that the pizza you ordered is far too small

How to Deal with Neckbeards

How to spice up your 10 year old son’s birthday party

How to communicate with deaf prostitutes using sign language.

How to tell someone their diet failed

How to become entitled to financial compensation

How to forget about your mashed potato ex-boyfriend

How to masturbate in a public library

How to physically delete an annoying student

How to remember that you have legs

How to start a meth empire

How to Cope When You’re the Only One Who Realizes Gazebos Are Stupid

How To Maximize “Quiet Time” For Your Kindergarten Class

How to enjoy cannibalising your uncle as a family

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