Nature Conservancy Photo Contest 2018 Brought Us Some Masterpieces (21 pics)

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“Aldeyjarfoss Waterfall in Iceland, January 2018. The places that are hardest to get to are often the best and most peaceful.” Photo by Jeremy Stevens, Fallsington, Pennsylvania, USA.

Stallions Playing, Grand Prize

“The power of the animal kingdom.” Photo by Camille Briottet, Lyon, France.

The End Is Near

“This ice could be thousands of years old, and only recently broke off the Vatnajokull Glacier at Jokulsarlon Bay in Iceland, and will soon melt into the sea. Taken July 2017 in Iceland.” Photo by Andre Mercier, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Namibian Curves

“We were on our Chronicles of Namibia workshop, wrapping up a wonderful evening of shooting in the Sossusvlei area. On the drive back to camp, this most simple composition caught my eye. I couldn’t resist and stopped the group to get this shot. Sossusvlei, Namibia. 17/11/17.” Photo by Paul Zizka, Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Polar Bear

“The polar bear wandering on pack ice looks at the ice melting. Photo was taken in Nunavut during summer 2017.” Photo by Florian Ledoux, Brasles, France.

Pure Energy And Fire

“Colima volcano erupting during the night showing its strength, was taken in the Yerbabuena, Comala, Colima. Volcanic eruptions in small quantities help reduce global warming.” Photo by Hernando Alonso Rivera Cervantes, Villa de Alvarez, Mexico.


“The eeriness of exploring this ghost town in United Arab Emirates went away after an hour or so of exploring. But, I still felt uneasy about entering some of these ‘homes.’ It felt like I was trespassing, so I tried being oddly respectful. The Arabian Desert obviously didn’t feel the same way, reminding me that nature will always reclaim what we abandon.” Photo by Jesse Yang, Fort Lee, New Jersey, USA.

My Home My City

“Lion Rock is a symbol of Hong Kong, including me, many Hong Kong people are also growing under the mountain, it also represents the spirit of Hong Kong people. Photo time: 2018-1-14. Photo at: Tai Mo Shan.” Photo by Kwok Kui Andus Tse, Wong Tai Sin, Hong Kong, China.

Watching You Watching Me

“Red Fox in Bonavista, Newfoundland in July 2017.” Photo by Megan Lorenz, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada.

Welcome To My Humble Abode

“A tiny fungi gnat sheltering inside the canopy of a toadstool, South Scotland 2017.” Photo by Duncan McNaught, Castle Douglas, United Kingdom.

Floating In The Dead Sea

“One of the most unique experiences of the world in the lowest point on earth. We belong to nature and not the reverse. Without the nature we do not live, but without us it lives.” Photo by Aline Fortuna, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Her Majesty

“A plastic bag in its natural habitat, the ocean. Shot in Shellharbour in 2017. Plastic was once worshiped, now it destroys everything we love. Nature connects us all, we have a duty to protect her.” Photo by Aristo Risi, Shellharbour, Australia.

Lava Explosion

“On the Kīlauea Lava Flow in Kalapana, lava hits the ocean creating an explosion of molten basalt rocks and acidic steam plumes skyward. When hot lava vaporizes cool sea water it blasts lava rock fragments every direction and creates a billowing cloud of laze ‘lava haze’ made up of a mixture of acidic seawater steam, hydrochloric acid, and tiny shards of volcanic glass.” Photo by Elyse Butler, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

Slender Slots'

“Squeezing through one of the incredibly narrow slot canyons in Escalante National Monument. Taken on a week long expedition through the deserts of southern Utah.” Photo by Tanner Latham, Bozeman, Montana, USA.

Meeting Of Alligators

“Lagoon with many alligators in the Northern Pantanal, Poconé region. Late afternoon left the scene a bluish color. Picture of 23/09/2011.” Photo by Jorge André Diehl, Distrito Federal, Brazil.

Vama Veche Sunrise

“Sunrise in Vama Veche, Romania.” Photo by George Bufan, Timisoara, Romania.

La Pacha Mama

“A model holding the ribs of a dry leaf. Juan de Acosta, Atlantic, January 08 2017. Nature is a generous mother.”Photo by Ruben Dario Mejia, Barranquilla, Colombia.

Frog Hug

“Down at the mud puddles on our road, we found several young bullfrogs hopping around. Up on our hilltop, wet spots are few and far between, so our mud puddles are home to a constant flow of tadpoles, frogs and toads. My daughter loves all critters, her goal is to create a wildlife rehab center someday. She constantly inspires me with her care towards every living thing.” Photo by Terra Fondriest, Arkansas, USA.

The Hunter

“A large white shark hunts in the waters of Guadalupe Island, Mexico.”Photo by Roberto Moccini Formiga, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Autumn In The Big Apple

“World Trade Center, New York. November 2017.” Photo by Yonca Ables, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

Waterfall Wonders

“Victoria Falls is the seventh wonder of the world. Carved into the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, what better place for two nationalities to meet, and be awed by the never ending thunder of the water 100 meters below. December 2016.” Photo by Harry Randell, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.




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