Students Gotta Have A Good Sense Of Humor To Get Through Everything… (40 pics)

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So My Calculus Professor Found This Posted On The Door To His Office Today By A Student

Provide An Example Of A Risk

They Were Good

In College My Dad Had To Do An Art Project. He Drew A Stamp On A Letter And Mailed It To Himself. He Received An A

On A Door At University

My Brother Graduated From Online School

Had A Student Tell Me He Was Going To Have A Dinosaur Crush My Car Because I Failed Him On An Exam. This Is What I See Today

I Wanna Know Where They Got A Working Chandelier

We're The Graduating Class Of Peninsula High This Year (2015). They Told Me I Could Make The T-Shirts. Look What Just Arrived

My Uni Has A New Program For Special Students. This Program Has Special 'Caged' Rooms

Saw This On The Board In Class Today

Some Guys At My School Thought It Would Be Funny To Pass Around A Pineapple Shirt On Picture Day

A Graduate Always Pays Their Debts

I Thought We Were Supposed To Have Grown Up In University. I'm Glad We Haven't

Cheeto Communication

Poor Dr. Hedgehog

This Kid At My School Wears This Every Wednesday Just To Screw With Everyone's Heads

In A Family Bathroom At My University

After Days Of Grading Papers, I Stumble Upon This. "Oooh. Wait A Second..."

Told My Students They Could Use A 3" X 5" Notecard For The Final Exam

Usually I'd Say Decorating Graduation Caps Are Dumb But

"Post No Bills" Saw This All Over My Campus

A Kid In My Class Spent The Whole Period Plotting The Cal Teacher

In Grade Eleven I Secretly Changed My Name On Photo Day. Nobody Noticed So It Got Printed On My Student Card

Seen On A College Campus

My Dad Just Texted Me This. Student Submitted This For His Final

I Was The Editor Of My College Newspaper. I Hid Things In It. My Name Is Sean

A Class Of Students Were Required To Pick A Marvel Character To Embody Within A Resume And Cover Letter. This Is What One Student Handed In

The Teacher Asked For A 16 Line Poem, This Is What This Kid Turned In

There's A Guy At A College That Rants Every Day About How Everyone Sins And Someone Made A Bingo Game To Go Along With Him

Kids At Our High School Get It

Wise Words From A Purdue University Student

A Girl In One Of My Classes Had This Pencil Case

My Sister Is A Second Grade Teacher And Received This From One Of Her Students

Our Senior Class Prank

Still Don't Know How I Got Away With A Huge Hip Flask As My Prom Clutch

Teacher Told The Class We Could Use The 3D Printer While She Was Out For The Day, Kim Jong The Hutt Ensues

I Was Marking My Students Tests And One Did This

My Students Really Know How To Make Me Laugh

We Found This On Our Gong In Class Today. We Have No Clue Who Put It There


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