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Before And After Photos Are Always Kind Of Mesmerizing (44 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   5 Jul 2018   / 3633 views

Michigan. The view at 9am vs. 11am

Lets all wish Richard "Arvin" Overton a happy 112th birthday. Having served the US Army in the Pacific during WWII, he is both the oldest living US Combat Veteran and oldest living male in the United States.

The day we bought the family van (1999) to the day we sold it (2017)

The Oval walkways at Ohio State University were paved based on the students' desire paths

Before and after at Langley Gatehouse near Acton Burnell, Shropshire. Swipe to see what it looks like today.

My husband is FIVE years cancer free! Left: Last night (!), Right: His last chemotherapy session for Ewing's sarcoma (52 weeks of treatment!)


Do plants count? 5 days after I found it in the trash this beaut is thriving!

The Arctic 100 years ago vs today...

2 years ago my step dad sat in this spot on the Appalachian Trail right before beginning chemo. This morning, my mom sat in the same spot to watch the sunrise on our first Father’s Day without him.

The artist who made Ronaldo’s bust a year ago got a second chance. He did better this time!

Pretty sure no one switched my baby at birth. Progress from 3 weeks left inside to 3 weeks on the outside.

Artist's Incredible 13 Years Progress

In Lucille Balle's hometown of Celeron, NY a statue was commissioned to honor the TV star... but it was so bad it was dubbed "Scary Lucy". The replacement statue was unveiled yesterday, here's the before/after.

Took Porkchop to the vet today. This was the before and after pics. This was the look I got the entire ride home.

EPA Screws the Animas River--Before and After

Derry City Northern Ireland - Then and Now

3 year transformation! Still have a ways to go, but really happy with my progress

My Uncle hiked the Appalachian trail - May 1st to Dec. 16th. Before & after pics.

58 years of progress

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