Underwater Photography 2018 Winners Are Really Deep Indeed (50 pics)

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British Waters Compact Category: "Peek-A-Boo!" By Martin Edser, Uk

Portrait Category Winner: "A Sand Tiger Shark Surrounded By Tiny Bait Fish" By Tanya Houppermans, USA

Black & White Category: "Morning Flight" By Filippo Borghi, Italy

Black & White Category: "Hypnosis" By Wendy Timmermans, Netherlands

British Underwater Photographer Of The Year. "Love Birds" By Grant Thomas, Uk

Macro Category: "Pretty Lady" By Tianhong Wang, China

Wide Angle Category: "Blacktip Rendezvous" By Renee Capozzola, USA

Wide Angle Category Winner: "Humpback Whale Spy Hopping" By Greg Lecoeur, France

Macro Category Winner: "Seahorse Density" By Shane Gross, Canada

Black & White Category Winner: "Crocodile Reflections" By Borut Furlan, Slovenia

Macro Category: Runner Up "Friend Or Food?!" By Songda Cai, China

Wide Angle Category: "Cooking Sausage" By Pekka Tuuri, Finland

Macro Category: "Black-Saddle Snake Eel" By Marchione Dott. Giacomo, Italy

Behaviour Category: "The Fisherman" By Filippo Borghi, Italy

Wide Angle Category: "Breathtaking" By Tobias Friedrich, Germany

Wide Angle Category: "Down The Stream" By Wendy Timmermans, Netherlands

Portrait Category: "One Of The Last Ones" By Robert Marc Lehmann, Germany

Portrait Category: "A Reflective Green Turtle Hatchling" By Matt Curnock, Australia

Portrait Category Runner Up: "The Nose" By Mike Korostelev, Russian Federation

Up & Coming category: "Hummingfish"by Brian Eckstein, USA

Up & Coming Category Runner Up: "The Hammer" By Jacob Degee, Poland

Wide Angle Category: "Cenote Nariz" By Herbert Meyrl, Germany

Compact Category: "Tres Amigos" By Sarah Vasend, USA

Wrecks Category: "OCD Diver Tries To Right Shipwreck" By Susannah H. Snowden-Smith, Cayman Islands

Wide Angle Category: Third "Evening Snorkel" By Brook Peterson, Usa

Behaviour Category: "Attack" By Mika Saareila, Finland

Portrait Category: Third "Under The Wave" By Rodney Bursiel, USA

Black & White Category: Third "Angels Of The Deep" By Santosh Shanmuga, USA

Wrecks Category: "Unusually Parked Car" By Pekka Tuuri, Finland

Behaviour Category: "Hyppocampus Guttulatus Coupling Dance" By Adriano Morettin, Italy

British Waters Wide Angle Category: Third "Fresh Otter At Sea" By Greg Lecoeur, France

Portrait Category: "Oceanic White Tip Shark" By Greg Lecoeur, France

Black & White Category: "Gravity" By Miguel Pereira, Portugal

Wide Angle Category: "Tannic Water At Cenote Carwash" By Tom St George, Mexico

Behaviour Category: "In Hinding" By Scott Gutsy Tuason, Philippines

Up & Coming Category: "Beautiful" By Rupert Cornelius, Mozambique

Compact Category: "Night Reflection Of A Juvenile Garfish" By Jack Berthomier, New Caledonia

Macro Category: "Ghost" By Davide Lopresti, Italy

Behaviour Category: "Honu Love At Dusk" By Renee Capozzola, USA

Black & White Category: "The Talk" By Rodney Bursiel USA

Portrait Category: "Pretty In Pink" By Nicholas More, UK

Portrait Category: "Australian Sea Lion" By Greg Lecoeur, France

Black & White Category Runner Up: "Graceful Manta" By Sylvie Ayer, Switzerland

Behaviour Category: "The Birth" By Filippo Borghi, Italy

Up & Coming Category: "Whale Shark And Remores"By Marchione Dott. Giacomo, Italy

British Waters Macro Category: "Moons Above" By Lucy Kay, UK

British Waters Macro Category: "In A Sea Of Squirts" By Paul Kay, UK

Wrecks Category: Runner Up "Safe Navigation" By Gianni Pecchiar, Italy

Wide Angle Category: Runner Up "Surrounded" By Fan Ping, China

British Waters Macro Category: Runner Up "Topshell Tapestry" By Cathy Lewis, UK


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