Kids Have Much Better Sense Of Humor Than We Do (40 pics)

Posted in FUNNY       6 Jul 2018       7794      

My Sister Lets Her Kids Make Inspirational Quotes For Each Day. This Was My Nephew's Quote For Today

Kids Work Together To Create Eternal Recess

So I Was On The Toilet At My Hospital (Children's) And I Look Up To Find This On The Wall

This Kid Went From Row To Row

"How To Understand Women" As Written By A 12-Year-Old Boy In My Class

Photo Taken Outside Children's Hospital In Los Angeles. Smart Kid

When Your Older Brother Is Learning To Drive

Prankster Daughter

My Children Sent Me This From Target With The Text "Because We Are Your Children." I've Never Been More Proud

Every Time I Fall Asleep My Brother Steals My Laptop And Somehow Logs On And Takes Pictures On My Webcam

When Mom And Dad Kiss In Front Of You

My Little Niece Thought That Putting Sunglasses And A Hat On The End Of My Boxers Ass Would Be Really Funny. She Was Correct

Turned 40 Today. My Kids Greeted Me With This Tragedy On My Front Porch

My Son, As The Flash, Decided To Photobomb His Sister

So The 2-Year-Old Is Potty Training And This Is What The 10-Year-Old Comes Up With. "It's A Trophy For When He Is All Trained"

My 13-Year-Old Sister Thinks She’s Hilarious

My 12-Year-Old Daughter Is Just Killing It On Her Snapchat

My 3-Year-Old Made Me Run Up The Stairs After Yelling, "Dada! There's A Sea Of Water On The Counter!"

Bought My 7-Year-Old Daughter A Bracelet Making Kit. Found This On The Table The Next Day

My Kid's Grounded So She Had To Help Power Wash The Deck. I Came Back To This. Grounding Extended

My Younger Cousin Walked Over To Me And Said He Got New Earrings

My 3 Year-Old Nephew Made This And Called Him Pie-Derman

Okay, So My Little Brother Did This Whilst Nobody Else Was Home. I Think It's Fair To Say He Is The Spawn Of Satan

My 6-Year-Old Son Had Been Asking Me Over And Over, "Do You Need To Go To The Bathroom?" And I Just Found Out Why

"When I Was A Kid, My Mom Used To Get Out Of The Car, And Come Around To Get Me. By The Time She Got Around, I Would Have Already Gotten Out Of The Car And Pretended To Have Died." -James Veitch (Ted)

My Boyfriend Told My Little Cousin That He'd Get Him A Turtle From New York City When He Goes For Work. Today My Cousin Sent Me This Picture With A Text Saying "I Have Been Patiently Waiting For The Turtle"

My 9-Year-Old Daughter Thought She Was Funny. Made Me Some Brownies For Father's Day

"My Cousin's Friend Let Her Son Wear This Hoodie On Picture Day If He Promised To Take It Off For The Photo. He Didn't"

After My Heart Surgery, I Jokingly Said To My Little Sister That I Could Use An Apple Watch, Because Of It's Heart Rate Monitor. She Delivered:

My 9-Year-Old Left A Surprise For My Wife. Scaring The Shit Out Of Her When She Checked The Rear View

My Daughter Got The Mail Today (It's Sunday), Apparently They Have Another Week Off School

This Kid Will Go Places

My 10-Year-Old Cousin Stopped Reading His Book Mid Page Giggling And Said He "Just Had To Do It"





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