Exciting Facts To Keep You Thrilled (44 pics)

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100 people were surveyed and here is the chart of the choices in “Rock, paper, scissors”

Full-scale model of a blue whale’s heart compared to a person

If there is a scratch on the eye and doctors need to find out where it is, they add a drop of UV dye to the eye and find the scratch using a UV light. In this picture, you can see the scratch near the bottom of the pupil.

Aside from the fact that a hippo’s sweat if red, it’s also a great sunscreen and antibiotic.

A snail’s teeth are the most solid material in the world. They can even chew rocks.

The management of McDonald’s had planned to sell a bubble gum flavored broccoli. This was supposed to attract children to healthy food but the idea failed.

In Baarle-Hertog, one of your feet can be in Belgium and the other in the Netherlands because this is where the border between the 2 countries is. Some houses are split in half and the laws are different on either side. When the Dutch government requires bars to close at a certain time, the visitors just move to other side where the tables are in Belgium.

The largest cave in the world is in Vietnam and it is so big that it has its own river, jungle, and climate. A New York block could easily fit inside of it.

Michael Phelps has 13 Olympic gold medals and this is an absolute world record. The only person who had the same results was Leonidas from Rodos who lived in 152 B.C.

The quietest place on Earth belongs to Microsoft. This room is needed for testing new devices. Inside, you can hear a person’s heart beating and blood moving in their vessels.

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