Some People Still Manage To Have Fun At The Airports (45 pics)

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Flying Home For The Holidays Dressed To Surprise The Family. Before The Flight, I Met This Stranger At The Airport. Instant Best Friends

Oh No, Someone Spilled All Their Puppies

During A 12 Hour Flight Delay My Boyfriend Wandered Off. When I Found Him He Was In The Middle Of A Pixar Movie Marathon With A Group Of 5 Year Olds. He's The One For Me

Saw This Pilot At The Airport, Yesterday

While Boarding A Flight, An 8yr Old Ominously Told Me "I Left A Secret Agent To Watch You...". I Wasn't Sure What That Meant For The Next Two Hours Until Another Passenger Pointed This Out To Me

When The Airport Doesn't Let You Bring Your Accordion As A Carry-On

This Man Is An Everyday Hero, After Waiting For Our Bags At Heathrow Terminal 5 For 4 Hours The Only Person Who Was Still There Was A Pilot, Who Helped Over 300 People Get There Bags Back

Beastie Boys Getting A Hold Of The Gate Display Again

There Is A Wrong And A Right Way To Carry Your Beige Colored Neck Pillow Through The Airport

I Was Watching The Avengers On My Laptop At The Airport... This Was Happening Behind Me

Found At Chicago O'Hare Airport

Never Lose Your Luggage Again

My Friend's Daughter Just Flew By Herself For The First Time. This Was How He Greeted Her At The Airport

So Apparently Snape Works At American Airlines

So Much Grandad-Ness In One Photo

Tried To Take A Selfie At JFK. Caught This Gem Before I Could Figure Out How To Reverse The Cam

Seen At The Airport In Tel Aviv, Israel

My Cousin Met A Victoria's Secret Model At The Airport. Perfect Day To Be Wearing That Shirt

Pooping At The Airport When

These Two Toddlers Who Had Never Met Before, But Decided To Hug It Out In The Middle Of An Airport Terminal

My Friend Is A Pilot, He Said When They Get Bored They Have Water Gun Fights

Friend Discovered His Doppleganger At The Airport Today. Neither Were Pleased

Someone Checked In A Stick At The Airport

This Guy At The Airport Looked So Much Like Charles Darwin That I Didn't Even Take His Picture... My Camera Just Naturally Selected Him

My Brother At Bishkek Airport, Kyrgyzstan. I Don't Think They Thought This Through

A Friend Came Across This At London Heathrow Airport

I Was Stuck On An Airplane For 4 Hours Waiting To Take Off (Cancelled Flight). This Kept Me Entertained For About 10 Minutes

With The Help Of ARFF Paramedics, Service Dog Eleanor Rigby Delivered 8 Puppies In The Middle Of Tampa International Airport

My Dad Bumped Into His Dadppelgänger At The Airport In Newark

Forgot To Charge Arm Last Night. Charging At Cellphone Charge Area At Airport

This Generation And Their God Damn Cell Phones

He's Just Unlucky I Guess

Apparently Booked A Business Trip On A Furry Flight. I’m The Only Non-Furry

My Friend Who Is In The Marines Had His Little Brother Pick Him Up At The Airport. This Is What He Was Wearing

This Is How My Friend's Dad Greeted Her At The Airport Yesterday. Best Dad Ever

That Moment When You Can Tell That A Couple Will Be Together Forever

When Benches Are Too Hard To Sleep On At The Airport

Who Needs A Longer Cable?

Business Casual

My Dad Dressed Up As Buddy The Elf To Pick Me Up From The Airport

Seattle And Portland Have Nothing On The Nashville Airport Forrest Gump

This Is Why You Don't Fall Asleep In An Airport

Lost A Bet And Had To Go Through Airport Security Dressed As A Dinosaur. TSA Said I Looked Cute

That Time I Saw Someone Try To Smuggle 50 Boxes Of Cookies Out Of The Orlando Airport And Was Treated Like A Drug Lord

British Combat The Snow With Professionalism And Efficiency



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