A Lifehack Every Day Keeps Troubles Away (14 pics)

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For the love of god people, do something with all those awful cables running everywhere. Your living room is an unsightly death trap. Once you get some cable management, keep shit in order by labeling each plug with washi tape. Presto, no more chasing the cord back to the source!

There has been a huge push towards re-useable bags at the grocery store. In some places, they’ve made it against the law for Groceries to give out plastic bags. If you’re forgetful like me though, you never remember to take your reusable, so you have a drawer or a cabinet overflowing with plastic fluff. Fix that shit in a jiffy by making a plastic bag dispenser out of an old Kleenex box (you probably have several next to your bed).

This one is pretty OCD, but it sucks nonetheless. When you rearrange your living room, you’re left with those little indentations from where it sat for the last however long. Just plop an ice cube down in the middle of that smushed-down area and watch the carpet rise to the occasion.

If you like to re-use your plastic grocery bags in small trash cans, you’ve probably noticed how they annoyingly fall into the can, causing you to reach into your own old muck to pull the edges back up. Instead, use a couple command hooks to loops the hand holes of the bags around.

Everyone has a junk drawer, or four. Try using those silverware dividers everywhere from the kitchen junk drawer to the bathroom drawers to organize batteries, utensils and even toothbrushes.

Ok ladies, this one if mostly for you. Have a closet full of what I like to call “hooker boots”? Want to keep them upright and looking good? Take a pool noodle and trim it down to size. Place it in the boot and avoid those ghastly creases…

Again with the cables! Cables friggin’ everywhere. This hack is for those cables snaking around your junk drawer and your tool cabinet. Recycle those old toilet paper rolls by storing your cables in them. It’s doesn’t look like much, but at least you don’t have to go searching for your extra HDMI cables anymore.

Binder clips really are the Swiss army knife of office supplies. I’ve legit never actually seen binder clips used to hold papers. This hand hack will free up some space in your ice box. Simply clip your bags of frozen veggies and fruit and hook them to the rack. Boom, you’re a space saving god!

Cleaning and dusting blinds is a total pain in the ass—if you do it at all. This hack makes it a snap though. Just take some of your kitchen tongs, wrap the ends in microfiber cloth, and dust those fuckers lickety-split.

If there is one thing you’ll always have, it’s tons of old TP tubes. You’ve already gotten a hack for using them to organize cords, but this one looks to tackle your hobbies. As a bonus, you get a shoebox up off the ground too. Just load that shoebox up with the toilet paper rolls and use it to organize your markers, pens and craft materials.

I don’t wrap presents—thank God for gifts bags—so this doesn’t apply to me but I have seen enough closets stacked with wrapping paper rolls to know this will help a lot of you. Simply take the rolls, stuff them in a garment bag, and hang them in the closet.

Know what’s worse than terrible puns? That horrible mess of bottles in your fridge. Ketchup, mustard, mayo, KY jelly—it’s an absolute wreck! Clean up the clutter by using the bottom of an egg carton to store those condiment bottles upside down.

There are so many creative ways to use shoe organizers around the house to clear up clutter. Hang one in the bathroom to hold shower products. Hang one in your crafts area to hold those supplies. If you’re particularly confident, hang one in your garage for tools. The possibilities are endless!

This one is getting used tonight. If you buy the smaller sized ice cream containers, or the ginormous zip locks, put your ice cream in the zip lock before storing it in the freezer. This keep the ice cream from getting rock solid.


Credits:  twentytwowords.com






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