Bets They Definitely Didn’t Expect To Lose (50 pics)

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In 2001, My Parents Bet Me That If I Did Not Drink, Smoke, Or Do Drugs By 21, They Would Give Me $1500. Here I Am On My 21st Birthday Holding The Contract I Signed When I Was 8

My Dad Challenged The Students At The School Where He Is The Principal To Read A Combined 1,000 Minutes. The Reward Would Be Getting To Push Him Down The Hall On A Tricycle While He Wore Mismatched Clothes Inside Out 

I Work With Patients In Rehab. 2 Months Ago I Made A Bet With A Patient I Would Shave If We Could Get Him To Reach A Certain Goal. Today, He Did It. Tomorrow He Gets Baby Me

One Month Ago I Challenged One Of My Campers Who Had Just Been Diagnosed With Dyslexia. I Told Her That If She Could Read 10 Chapter Books In The Month Of July, I Would Let Her Choose Any Color She Wanted To Dye My Hair. Well She Finished Her Challenge And Alas I Now Have Pink Hair 

I Won A Bet With The Library At My University Forcing Them To Hang A Portrait Of Me Till I Graduate. Here's The Photo I Submitted 

Won Or Lost? 

Spotted In My Hometown

A Swedish Principal Made A Bet With A Student; If The Student Could Make It Through 9th Grade The Principal Would Dye His Hair Pink. Last Week The 61-Year-Old Principal Delivered! 

When You Talk A Big Game But Your Sister Beats You In The Match And The Rematch 

I Bet The Girls Upstairs That I Could Fit Into Any Clothing That They Could. I Won 

“Bet We Can Beat You At Hide And Seek Uncle David!” Bet You F**kin’ Can’t 

Lost A Bet With My Cousin, This Is The Result

This 86-Year-Old Challenged Me To A Pole Dancing Contest While At Happy Hour, He Won

My Husband Bet Me I Couldn't Shave His Foot Without Him Waking Up. This Is What He Woke Up To This Morning

Told My Girlfriend It Was Impossible To Stand A Coin On Its Side 

Never Challenge Your Child To Do Something Unless You Are Prepared For Them To Succeed 

Was Bet That I Couldn't Balance A Cue Ball On Three Pool Cues. Nobody Played Pool The Rest Of The Night 

Friend Lost A Bet. Here's Her Senior Picture 

He Bet Me That He Could Touch His Head To The Ceiling

My Teammate Is A 5'6" Gymnast. She Bet Us She Could Completely Fit In Her Locker. She Won

Lost A Bet And Had To Go Through Airport Security Dressed As A Dinosaur (TSA Said I Looked Cute)

Won A Bet Against My Boss Nearly A Year Ago. Came Into Work To See That He Finally Paid Me. In Pennies

I Lost A Bet With My Girlfriend. Here's Our Costumes This Year

When Billionaire Loses A Bet 

Boss And Coworker Made A Weight Loss Bet - Loser Had To Cross Dress. That Is His Real Hair Though 

My Friend Had A Bet With My History Teacher. He Lost 

Optimus Prime

My Band Director Lost A Bet And Had To Wear A Banana Suit All Day

My Histroy Teacher Made A Bet That If The Student On The Left Got Above A 95 On His Test, He Would Shave His Head. He Got A 98

So My Friend Got Drunk And Bet Me He Could Fit An Entire Box Of Straws In His Mouth. Did Not Disappoint 

When Your Dad Bets $50 That The "Physics In A Nutshell" Ruler/Hammer Post Is Impossible

Lost A Bet, Have To Wear This Bad Boy From Christmas Eve To New Years Eve 

Bet A Friend He Would Not Play Dodgeball In A Tu-Tu. He Won

Well, My Brother Lost A Bet And Had To Go On A First Date Dressed Like This

When You Have To Admit You Are Wrong 

Lost A Bet 

This Poor Guy Bet His Roommate America Would Beat Canada In Hockey 

12-Year-Old Cousin Bet Me I Couldn't Fit Into His Halloween Costume. Challenge Accepted

We Had A Bet About Our Baby's Gender. My Husband Lost

Don't Lose Your Fantasy Football League 

Whoever Dies With $10 Wins

My Friend Lost A Bet 5 Years Ago And His Friends Changed His Name. He Just Found Out It Was Actually Accepted Last Week When His Passport Expired. He Has To Wait 3 Years To Fix It 

When I Was A Senior In High School I Bet My Mom $1500 I Wouldn't Drink Till I Was 21! I Guess You Could Say I Won The Bet 

Has Carson Palmer Ever Won A Bet In His Entire Life? 

My Brother And Dad Made A Bet, Dad Lost, Had To Dye His Hair 

We Bet My Grandfather He Couldn’t Fit In My Aunt's Lululemon Shirt. He Did

He Must've Lost A Bet 

My Friend Billy Was Challenged To Beat His Coworker's Record Of Fitting 41 Grapes In His Mouth. Here's Billy With 42.5 Grapes. Billy Hates Losing

Looks Like Rep. Michael Capuano Of Massachusetts Lost A Super Bowl Bet

This Guy Lost A Bet And Now Is Stuck To The Yield Sign On Wallisville 








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