There Are So Many Things We Are Doing Wrong (18 pics)

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Peeling bananas

Most people peel their banana from the top part, which is wrong. The best way to peel a banana is from the bottom, so you don’t squeeze the fruit. In fact, monkeys apparently figured this out a long time ago.


Getting Tic Tacs out of the container

There is actually something inside the lid of the Tic Tac container that will help you get just one piece out, instead of half the box. Flip the box over, then turn it on its side, and gently open it. The lid is specifically designed to hold one individual Tic Tac.


Cooking pot

You’re supposed to use the hole in the pot handle to hold your spoon while cooking. Wow, our moms never told us that.


Cleaning blenders

After you’ve made your yummy smoothie you have to wash that blender. Depending on what was in your smoothie this can be difficult and, no matter how hard you try, the smell of the ingredients can stay for a long time. But there is a very simple way to get your blender perfectly clean. After making your smoothie, just pour some water in it, add a splash of dishwashing liquid, blend it, and it will wash itself. All you need to do now is just rinse it off.


Using foil

When you need to use foil, often the whole roll comes out. Well, there’s a simple solution right there on the box, it even says: “Press Ends To Lock Roll” and that’s exactly what it does. If you look on the sides of the box, you will see the little grips, you just push them in and they hold the roll in place. We wish we knew about this earlier.


Chinese takeout

Chinese takeout containers are not the most convenient to eat out of because they are often deep and narrow. Believe it or not, these containers have a secret that will make eating much easier for you. Unfold the container and it turns into a plate.


Key rings

Use a staple remover to remove keys from key rings instead of abusing your nails. It’s so simple.


Cooking spaghetti

Getting the right amount of pasta is always very tricky, somehow it’s always either too much or not enough. Apparently, the little hole in the middle of the spaghetti ladle measures out the perfect portion for one person.


Using a microwave more efficiently

The limited space inside a microwave has always been inconvenient when you want to have a meal together with your friend or partner. It would be easier and more convenient if you could prepare both meals at the same time. Most of us don’t realize that the whole space in the microwave is good for heating, even above the spinning plate. To heat 2 plates at once, simply put the first plate on the microwave platter pushed to one side, then place an upside-down coffee mug next to it and place the second plate on top of the mug.


Eating Oreo cookies

Stick a fork into the creme filling of the Oreo cookie. This way you can dip the entire cookie without getting your fingers all milky. Whoever came up with this idea is a total genius.


Perfect grilled cheese sandwich

Turning your toaster sideways and inserting a slice of bread and a slice of cheese into each slot will help you make a fast, easy, no-fuss grilled cheese sandwich. Just don’t put too much cheese and take your time when pulling out the finished product. You don’t want your gooey cheese to catch on any of the toaster parts. It’s a nightmare to clean it up — some of us learned this hard way.


Cutting soft cheese

Use dental floss to cut soft cheeses. With a little practice, you can get really thin and perfectly neat slices.


Cutting cakes

You can also use dental floss to cut cakes.


Opening a can

You can simply use a bottle opener to open a can instead of breaking your nails.


Starbucks lids

Did you know that Starbucks lids are not just for holding a straw and keeping your drink from spilling everywhere? They’re actually specifically designed to be used as coasters. And now we’ve all learned something new today.


Heating a meal in a microwave

The next time you heat up leftovers in the microwave, make sure you create a small hole in the middle of the food on your plate. Doing this will allow the microwave to heat your meal evenly.


To chill a drink bottle faster

Wet a paper towel, wrap it around any warm drink, and put it in the freezer. It’ll be cold in literally 5-10 minutes!


Eating an orange

Peeling an orange doesn’t have to be hard and messy. If you cut the top and bottom off and then make a cut on its side, it will unroll in a nice line of orange segments.








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