People Tell Us About What Death Feels Like (10 pics)

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“I was electrocuted by about 13,800 volts. The doctors say it’s likely the first hit stopped my heart and the second one started it (before I was pulled like a lifeless corpse to safety).

I remember experiencing the darkest dark and the most silent silence. I ceased to care that I was dying; time seemed to change, it could have been hours it seemed. It was only about 30 seconds…”


“I was dosed up on morphine, tubes hanging out my face, I had a 1/3 chance of not making it through the night (acute pancreatitis, causing multiple organ failure).

My last two thoughts before I slipped into oblivion — what the football scores would be tomorrow, specifically, that some people would know them, and I would not, because I’d be dead.

And, I’d quite like to watch some old Simpsons right now.

That was it. Nothing about my family, friends. I’m not even *that* big of a football fan. Glad I woke up though.”


“A black void. Then waking up in the ER surrounded by people running around like crazy. I was cold as fuck, but in reality, just room temp. I had to add and say that it was relatively peaceful. Like being wrapped in a big warm blanket.”


“I don’t know what I experienced while I was dead but when I woke back up (so to speak) I remember wanting to experience it permanently.”


“Not necessarily “clinically dead” but I was pronounced dead two times in the same night after a car accident when I was 16. My great grandma pulled me out of the car and we walked through this really peaceful field of flowers. When I woke up two weeks later she was sitting on the edge of my bed and told me to tell my mom that everything was going to be okay.

My great grandma died when I was 10 and before that she had been bedridden after a stroke. I never saw her walk or heard her talk in my entire life. It was amazing and beautiful.”


“I was 6 years old and one day I got rushed to the hospital by my parents because they heard me breathing really loud and hard. The last thing I remembered were faces of the doctors and nurses above me while I was lying on my back. Then I flatlined.

The weirdest, unexplainable thing happened then and there — I suddenly could see the whole scene as a spectator, like I was a floating spirit in that room. I could see myself getting revived, saw my mom crying and my dad comforting her. Then, I saw a white entity shaped like my body, falling through the ceiling and slowly, like a leaf on the wind, falling down to eventually land inside my body. That’s when that experience ended.

I was put in a medically induced coma, and I woke up after some days, I don’t remember. I had stuff plugged into me, an IV, red glowing elastic ring on my finger etc. Anyway, I later mentioned to the doctors that I saw it all, I saw them using the defibrillators, my parents etc. No one really believed me and told me that I was probably dreaming and biasing my memories due to watching tv, but I know what I saw!”


“I was dead for like 30 seconds to a minute. There’s a big misconception about it. It’s not like sleeping at all. There’s always a sort of white noise in the back of my mind. It quiets down when I sleep but it’s still there.

I never noticed it before I died, but I do now. I don’t want to romanticize death, but when I was out, it was like this perfect nothingness. And nothingness is so hard to imagine normally, but once you “experience” it, and they bring you back, part of you wishes you could have stayed.

There’s no positive feelings there, obviously, but it takes away everything bad, too. All your stress, the nightmares, the troubles. All gone. Just nothing exists. It’s beautiful in a way. I’m not suicidal at all, and hope to live the rest of a long and happy life. But I’m very much looking forward to a lack of consciousness when I do eventually pass again, and I can honestly say I don’t fear death anymore.”


“As you’re dying, you start feeling tired in a way you never have before (or will again, until you die). The sheer act of staying alive is EXHAUSTING.

But then it’s all blank until I woke up from a coma a couple weeks later. You don’t even remember the actual moment of death, and it takes weeks for your mind to remember everything leading up to it.

I was in a ton of pain before and after because a couple of my organs were perforated, but dying itself wasn’t painful.

I agree that I’m also not afraid of death. Not even just because of the pain factor, but because it feels less unknown to me and there isn’t time for regret when it happens.”


“This happened well before my girlfriend and I got together but she intentionally overdosed on methadone and was clinically dead briefly at the hospital.

She said she could see the doctors and her husband in the room from above and then she found herself in a meadow with her first boyfriend just talking like nothing had happened.

Then she felt herself getting pulled out of there abruptly and suddenly sprang up with her eyes wide open and she was back to life.”


“I saw my grandpa. We talked for a while and he said I could go back with him, or stay. I looked down and saw myself in that hospital bed with my brother holding my hand. He felt it turn cold and I never saw him cry that way before. Went back into my body and felt more pain than I knew in my life. Been a year of recovery and I lost most of my memory but I’m happy.”







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