Coworkers Make Your Life At Work So Much More Entertaining (45 pics)

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My Coworker And I Just Realised Something

I Asked A Coworker A Question When She Was On Vacation

My Friends Work Requires A Doctors Note If You Call In Sick

I Bought A Tiny Violin To Play When My Coworkers Complain

We Have A Wallpaper Forest On One Of The Walls At Work. I Wonder How Long Till The Boss Notices My Upgrade

An ER Nurse And Her Coworkers Decided Gummy Bears Needed To Be Renamed

Found This Today At Work

I'm Too Short To See Over The Cubicle Walls. So I Made A Cut Out Of My Face In A Stick And Use It When I Talk To My Neighbours

We Shrunk A Coworker's Desk While He Was On Vacation. (Art Director For Scale)

I'm A Nice Colleague

Office Legend

Ran To My Car Because My Coworker Said Someone Slashed My Tires

Coworker Made This For Me. I Guess He's Trying To Send Me A Message

Don't Fuck With The IT Guy Who Hasn't Seen The Finale Of GOT

My Co-Workers Think They're Hilarious

I Heard Someone Yelling In The Bathroom. I Think I May Have Found The Source

My Colleagues New Desktop

An Average Day On IT Support

Guy Working On The 13th Floor Looked Out The Window At The Top Of The Parking Garage, And Had An Idea. This Is The Result

My Colleague Uploaded The First Photo Of His Unborn Child

Got Called In For A Meeting With HR Recently About "Appropriate Language In The Workplace" The Next Day This Gem Mysteriously Showed Up On My Desk

Winters Are Tough On Slower People

I Work In An ENT/Eye Clinic. One Of My Coworkers Had This At His Desk

One Coworker Moves The Stapler To Another Floor. Others Join In And Takes It To World Adventures

No One At Work Has Taken Responsibility For Decorating The Christmas Tree, For The Last Week It Has Been Propped Up In Its Box Waiting. Today This Happened

He Burnt Himself At Work And Made An Informative Graph

My Coworker Cut Her Hand Open Making Avocado Toast And Had To Get Stitches. Today, I Had This Ready In Her Office When She Came Into Work

My Manager Posted A Note In The Break-Room. My Coworkers Took Action

Almost Every Day I Take A Sneak Photo Of My Colleague Jakob

I've Been Waiting 9 Months For A Coworker To Ride His Harley To Work So I Could Do This

Coworker And I, Have Been Working Side By Side For Years And Are Known For Talking Too Much. Recently, They Moved My Case And Replaced It With A Cabinet, Leaving Him Cut-Off And Lonely With No One To Talk To. Today I Noticed What He Put Up Where My Face Used To Be

In Case Of Fire, My Coworkers And I Are Fu*ked

One Of My Coworkers Is Getting His Citizenship Today, So We Left Him A Surprise For When He Gets Back

Our IT Guy Went On Vacation And Left Us This Note

My Mom's Office Had A Decorating Contest For Their Cubicles. My Mom Is On The Left, But I Think Her Neighbor Deserved The Win

Conference Call Bingo, Anyone?

My Mate Raps On The Toilet At Work. Today He Found This

Someone Who Works At A Charity Shop Put Jeff Goldblum In Every Single Photo Frame

My Older Brother Took A Nap At Work After Staying Up All Night To Watch NBA Finals. His Coworkers Took A Picture Of Him And Decided To Have Fun With It

I'm 6'6" And I Like To Blow Coworkers' Minds For Halloween

A Lady In My Office Has A Basket Of Green Army Men In Yoga Poses

Brother's New Office Has All Dry Erase Walls. Someone Added Some Artwork Around The Wall Light

It's My Coworker's Last Day So We Made A Pillow For The Office To Remember Him By. He Wasn't Happy

What It's Like Working With All Women And Their Lunch Purses

This Note On The Fridge At Work



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