Japan Never Stops To Amaze Us (40 pics)

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Japanese Team Leaves A Spotless Locker Room With A "Thank You" Note In Russian Despite Their Heartbreaking 2-3 Defeat To Belgium

Most Organized Luggage Pickup You’ll Ever See. All Upright With Handle Facing Outward For Easy Pickup

A Tiny Pocket In The Back Of Train Seat To Put Your Train Ticket In So When The Conductor Comes Round He Just Checks It Without Waking You Up

Unattended Grocery Store. Just Pick What You Want And Leave The Money In The Jar

Rice Paddy Art Is An Art Form Originating In Japan Where People Plant Rice Of Various Types And Colors To Create Images In A Paddy Field

Flight Delayed In Japan. Airline Employees Bow To The Passengers To Apologise

Went In To A Police Booth In Tokyo To Get Directions To A Place 3 Blocks Away, The Officer Made Me A Detailed Handdrawn Map To Make Sure I Find It... Just Wow!

This Hand-Written Letter I Received From A Mail Order Off Amazon

This Sign In Japan Shows The Proper Seating Etiquette

A Hotel In Tokyo Has A Reception Desk That Is Run By Robot Dinosaurs

In Japan, Beginner Drivers Use A Shoshinsha Mark - Green And Yellow V-Shaped Symbol That New Drivers In Japan Must Display On Their Cars For One Year After They Obtain A Standard Driver's License. There Is Also A Fukushi Mark Used To Denote Elderly Drivers

The Seat Pattern On The Train In Japan Tells You Where Priority Seating Is

This Fountain In Kanazawa, Japan Displays The Time

This Coffee Shop In Tokyo Clearly Marks Each Customers Space At The Counter

The Fire Escape For This Building Is A Slide

This Tank Style Stairs Dolly In Japan

Bus Driver Holding An Umbrella So That You Don’t Get Wet While Opening Yours

The Japanese Ebay Seller I Bought This PS3 Game From Also Sent Me A Japanese Tea Bag With It

In The Narita Airport Of Japan, While It Says "Welcome To Japan" In English, The Japanese Text Says "Welcome Back"

Sticker That Was On My Package From Japan

My Receipt Came With A Cat Typed Onto It

What Happens When A Train Ticket Machine Runs Out Of Change In Tokyo

This Parking Space For The Disabled Has A Remote-Controlled 'Gate'. Disabled People Can Apply For A Remote To Open These Gates

Japan’s Highest Bridge’s Height Is Compared To Godzilla

Anti-Bacterial Handrails In Tokyo Metro Escalator

This Sushi Restaurant Has Tables That Simulate Traditional Japanese Seating While Letting You Sit Normally

This Bench In The Tokyo Subway Has A Place To Hold Your Cane As You Sit

Japanese Multi-Level Parking Lots To Save Space

Japan Is A Rapidly Ageing Population And Is Running Out Of Workers To Take Care For Elders. They Are Solving This Problem With Robots. One Of Them - Robear - Is Able To Lift A Parson And Transfer Him To A Wheelchair Or Help To Get To A Bathroom

How Children Are Transported In Kyoto

This Braille Plaque At Tokyo Tower's Observation Deck Accurately Depicts The Off-Center Position Of Mt. Fuji From The Window Where The Viewer Is Standing/Reading

At Tokyo Airport: A Wall To Hang Wishes And A Vending Machine To Buy The Cards. Shows Tradition And Modernity

You Can Find Melons With Your Favorite Characters On It In Japan

Expectations Meet Reality In Japan

Umbrella Vending Machine

Sheet Of Paper That Japanese Trains Give To Riders To Excuse Their Tardiness At Work. It Indicates The Date And How Late The Train Was

In Tokyo, Some Of The Subway Cars Are For Women Only When It's Before 9:30am

The Tokyo Government Sent This Earthquake Manual And Evacuation Map To All Its Residents

My Neighbors Have This Veggie Stand Outside Their House. You Just Pick Whatever You Want And Insert The Coins To That Grey Box

The Elevator In The Hotel I'm Staying At Has An Emergency Toilet


Credits:  www.boredpanda.com






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