Well, You Will Need A Picture To Prove That! (28 pics)

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“When I was a young comedian, Robin Williams stopped in to do a surprise set on a show I was hosting.

Talked to him for 20 minutes after the show. Then I handed my friend a camera (not a phone, that’s how long ago it was) and asked Robin for a picture. He gave me a huge bear hug and said “how about now?”

What a sweet guy.”


“I was drunk and snuck onto a red carpet event with a friend. I was interviewed and pretended I was in the movie, spoke about how I connected with the character. I was never able to find the interview, but here’s a pic (I’m the one in a white dress shirt)”


“I was eating lunch in the local park when I heard a rustling sound under the bench I was sat on. Then a squirrel ran out from underneath it carrying a full doughnut, sat on the grass in front of me and proceeded to eat the entire thing. “


“I got attacked by a seagull in my toilet.”


“I was on the boat with my family in Florida and sat on the edge of the boat to take a picture of me with the water and two dolphins and their baby jumped out of the water and this picture was caught at the perfect time. I have never seen this happen again before, especially in the wild. Pic was Fall 2012 in Tampa Bay Florida, taken by my brother, picture of me.”


“I was once woken up on an exam day by strange whirring sounds to find a huge Indian Army hot-air balloon landing in front of our house. This was sometime in 2007..


“definitely not the most WOW thing ever, but i never got a haircut until i was 13 years old. i had five feet and three inches of hair, right down to my ankles when you pulled it straight (it’s wavy/curly naturally). i cut three and a half feet off for my first cut!!”


“Once while walking downtown in the city I saw a chicken living in a car. There was birdseed and shit all over the car.”


“When I was in 10th grade my high school friends didn’t believe that Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen used to be friends with my twin brother and I. We were labeled as compulsive liars and it was brought up whenever we would say anything they could perceive as a lie. We found a picture of them at our birthday party that shut them up.”


“Pee-wee Herman helped me propose inside Pee-wees Playhouse.”


“My dad was petting a tiger and taking pictures. The tiger didn’t like that apparently and got ahold of his wrist. He thought to himself “I might as well take the last picture of hand while it’s attached to my arm.” He was able to free himself.”


“Ran into someone on an elevator”


“We were at an event when I was a kid. Muhammad Ali was there doing a boxing demo of some sort. All I knew was there was a big dude beating people up and I didn’t want any part of it.

After, we were mingling around, and he comes right at us, I was crying apparently, my mom threw me into his arms and snapped this pic.”


“An Owl flew into my car once, in Las Vegas, while the car was moving with the windows open.”


“I was once attacked by a guy on drugs who was dressed in a karate outfit and was wielding two swords.

In the end I fought him off with my skateboard.”


“I saw some lady punch a Jawa in the face at Disney World”


“A little over two years ago I took a selfie with a Google Car and it ended up on GoogleMaps.”


“It isn’t really much, but people never buy that I met Elijah Wood in Portland.”


“My dad and two of his best friends found one of busses of their school unlocked and with the keys inside. They took it for an hour long ride to the city to buy beer. They were caught by the police later and luckily the school didnt press charges. This was in a Florida boarding school.”


“My Dad and I were driving down a highway and found his Doppelgänger on a billboard.”


“I rescued a humming bird from my parking structure at work. He was flying against the glass for a long time. Unfortunately to get to him I had to climb across a beam with a really long drop. Once I got him in my hands, and back out where he could fly away safely… He just sat in my hand for a few minutes. He seemed genuinely appreciative of the help.”


“A turkey jumped in my car once. It was so funny I decided to shut the door and take a picture because it looks like the turkey is driving the car.”


“When I was 11 I played chess with Morgan Freeman.”


“I went “magnetfishing”, this is where you simple tie a strong magnet to a rope and throw it in ponds and pools until you find some metal stuff on the bodom. Mostly you will find junk and bikes and scrapnel. But I live in Belgium, near Ypres where there have been great battles in WWI, and I just threw the magnet across a small pond just outside the city. And believe it or not, I surfaced a grenade.”


“I once had a girl dressed as a bumble bee ask to suck on my toe while I was working at the mall. I am not gonna lie, I was aroused.”


“My mom rehabilitates large cats, as in lions tigers jaguars cougars etc…. she always has scratches on her arms and legs and no one EVER believed our family when she told them why.”


“Dude just picked up a goose and casually walked away with it when I was feeding ducks with my kids. Turns out he raised the geese from when they were babies and just holds them about every day.”

“I met Bill Murray while he was in Punxsutawney for Groundhog’s Day”








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