Sadly, Not All Lottery Winners Are The Brightest Of People (17 pics)

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Evelyn didn’t just win the New Jersey lottery, she won it twice—in 1985 and 1986. In total, she won $5.4 million, which is like $17 trillion today with inflation (not exact math). Feeling extra lucky, and rightfully so I guess, Adams took her winnings to Atlantic City where she dumped it all into slot machines, one quarter at a time. She’s currently back living in a trailer hoping lightning strikes a third time.


When Rossi won $1.3 million in 1996, she immediately and quietly filed for divorce. During the proceedings however, she tried to hide her luck. Unfortunately, that is a little against the law. The judge had no mercy on her shenanigans, handing the entire sum over to her ex. Savage.


This lucky couple looked like they had it made in the shade when they won $2.3 million. Looking for a quick start into their new lives of luxury, they immediately bought a Porsche and a massive, luxurious house. Unfortunately, the money couldn’t fix their marriage and Lara soon filed for divorce. Adding insult to injury, their home burned down. The couple are now divorced, homeless and penniless.


Another lucky couple, Alex and Rhoda won a healthy $13 million in 1990. When they won, they made the smart decision to receive the winnings in installments over two decades. That’s where the smart decisions ended, however. The couple went to Vegas, intent on partying it up, where they became embroiled in several legal battles with their own family. They’re currently living in a trailer using their car engine for electricity, but hey, they still have each other.


Michigan native Willie Hurt turned his luck into $3.1 million in 1989. Though the money provided him the perfect chance to turn his life around, he instead decided to invest in crack cocaine (which apparently has terrible returns) and a divorce. Within two years he’d smoked his money and he was facing a murder charge.


Whittaker was already a successful businessman when he won a staggering $315 million. After winning the free money, however, Whittaker decided he was done making good decisions. First, he took the prize as a single cash payment, cutting it down to $115 after taxes (see: theft). Next, to keep the money from being eaten by moths, he decided to spend it all as quickly as possible, including a $100,000 trip to the strip club. His titty bar vacation culminated in having $500k cash stolen from his car.


At 19, Jonathon Vargas was one of the youngest lottery winners ever. What do you think is going to happen when a teenager wins $35 million? Poor decision making is like a hobby for teens. Vargas, trying to be smart, decided to invest his money, giving it to a man named Jimmy “The Mouth of the South” Hart. What was Hart’s genius $35 million idea? A bikini wrestling league named “Wrestlicious.” Long story short: Have you ever seen us do a post on “Wrestlicious”?


This Waffle House waitress was set for a Hollywood worthy story when she won $10 million in the lottery. The catch? Lynn didn’t disclose she had previously told two other waitresses she’d share the earnings with them if she won. They subsequently sued and poof the money was gone. Except it wasn’t, because she won AGAIN! This time she attempted to protect her money from the lawsuit by creating a company and making her family shareholders. The state smiled while hammering her with a monstrous “gift tax.”


Clayton was living on welfare when she won the lottery. This was quite a boon for the young lady, as you can imagine. This sort of money could change her life forever, except it didn’t because she kept claiming welfare. The state found out and tried her for fraud. Tragically, before she was off probation from her offense, she was found dead of a drug overdose at 25.


Callie was the youngest person to ever win the UK National Lottery at 16-years-old. Guess what she did with it? If you guessed she blew it on drugs, partying and plastic surgery—like most 16-year-olds probably would—it’s your lucky day (buy a ticket). She eventually attempted suicide, which she survived and by 22, she was penniless. There is a happy ending, however, as she says she is now happier and healthier than ever.


As a 19-year-old garbage collector, Carroll was living a fairy tale when he won $15.4 million in the UK National Lottery. Fairy tale lives are expensive though. All those houses, cars and a Tony Montana size mountains of cocaine eventually left Michael penniless and by 2010, he was back at his old job trying to pay off loans.


In 2010 Cua-Toc was working as a day-laborer when he won $750,000 in the lottery. Unfortunately, he was in the country illegally, so to avoid losing the money, he had his boss cash the prize out for him. Like any good boss, he obliged, and then promptly pocketed the money. This one also has happy ending, however, as Cua-Toc took his former boss to court and won the money back as a result.


Lopes was working construction in New Jersey when he and some work buddies pooled their money for lottery tickets. When he realized he was holding the winning ticket, however, Lopes played dumb. He quietly quit his job and tried to make off with all the money. His co-workers caught on to what he was up to, however, taking him to court and winning their share of the $38.5 million.


Ross Jr. won a life-changing $2 million in 2012. Upon winning, the 29-year-old proclaimed the first thing he would do was buy a car, while openly hoping the money kept him out of prison. Ironically, just a few months later, prison is exactly where he found himself after being caught helping a woman steal, hide and repair a Honda Civic.


Sharon had lived under the poverty line her entire life, bouncing between shelters growing up. Winning $10 million in 2004 seemed like the perfect opportunity to turn those rags to riches. So, like anyone unaccustomed to having a sudden and substantial influx of cash, Tirabassi spent it lavishly and extravagantly until, just 10 years later, she’s found herself back working a 9-5 to support her kids.


Post had just $2.46 in his bank account in 1988 when he won $16.2 million in the lottery. His nickname should be Icarus, however, because Post definitely flew too close to the sun. He spent lavishly, buying planes and massive mansions. If that’s not exciting enough, his girlfriend then tried to sue him for his winnings. Still bored? His brother hired a hitman to kill him and his wife. Though the would-be hit failed, Post has since tumbled back to Earth and is dirt poor once again.


Some stories are dumb, and some are tragic. Harrell Jr.’s is the latter, unfortunately. This preacher and Home Depot bag boy won a monster $31 million in the Texas lottery in 1997. Unfortunately, people came out of the woodwork to take advantage his kindness, and bank account. The result of his giving ways left him without a cent just two years later when he would tragically take his own life.








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