8 Fun Ways to Spend a Date

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8 Fun Ways to Spend a Date


Sometimes it seems that dates are an endless cycle of dinners in bars and restaurants. Undoubtedly, everyone was on such dates at least a dozen times. Don’t get me wrong, this is a completely normal date, just the prospect of going to the same bars and spending time equally but with different people doesn’t attract many. Not to mention the fact that many people really don’t want to wake up with a hangover after hanging out with someone who they might not like. The first date should be fun. And, of course, you shouldn’t feel obliged to do things that you don’t like, such as drinking alcohol. Therefore, we offer you alternative ideas for dates that will help you get out of your comfort zone. They will be fun and unusual and may even help you continue your acquaintance with a person you just met. But first, would you like to see sexy politicians? Just do it right now.


1. Culinary class

Romantic dinner is always a nice variant for any date, but you may feel uncomfortable being at home with an unfamiliar person on a first date. Instead, go together to a culinary class. It may be a little expensive, but if you are really interested in it, you may find discounted options. Just pay attention to similar offers.


2. Wine tasting

Of course, wine tasting can be fun enough. But could you really remember all the nuances that the sommelier told you about? And is it really necessary to pay a lot of money for just one bottle of wine? We don’t think so. It will be much better if each of you brings favorite wine (set the maximum amount you can spend on one bottle). Meet in a park and do an improvised tasting. Don’t like wine? You can do the same with other alcoholic beverages.


3. Amusement park

Parks have been invented not only for teenagers or for celebrating a birthday but for romantic dates too. A date like this can be quite fun, and roller coasters will help you hold hands for the first time if you feel a little uncomfortable. In addition, can you imagine how a girl can be amazed by such romance as balloons and cotton candy?


4. Own adventure

If you are looking for adventure, just offer a few options and let your partner choose what you will do. Such a date is easy to arrange. Imagine what you would like to do if this was your last day. Get creative. You can even write a small list. And let your partner do the same. It can be both the simplest and most complex activities. It guarantees you a good time together.


5. Film or concert in the open air

If the weather is warm, you can enjoy your favorite movies and music in nature. There are many live shows, performances, etc. These options are endless. In addition, they are often free. Google and find advertisements about such activities – you never know what you’ll find.


6. Imagine that you are tourists

Regardless of what city you live in, there are always places where you haven’t been. Use your date as a chance to check such places. Perhaps, visiting a historic place is not the most romantic thing you can do, but how do you know if you haven’t tried it yet? In addition, you can always drink or eat something before or after.


7. Bowling

Beer, snacks in the bar, funny shoes… Isn’t it quite romantic? In fact, if you want to get close to a new person, there is no better way than combining a conversation with an interesting activity, regardless of your level of skill. To make your date even better, you can come up with some kind of comic bet on the game.


8. Visit a fortune teller

Yes, this is more than an unusual date, but it will give you a lot of topics to talk about. Just make sure you don’t dive too much into your previous romantic life since a first date is not the best time for that.







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