Horror Movies Also Have Some Creepy Details We’ve All Missed (19 pics + 6 gifs)

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Do you remember this janitor from Scream? You probably recognized the sweater and hat combo as Freddy Krueger’s attire, but the man wearing it is Wes Craven, creator/director of both Scream and A Nightmare on Elm Street.


You can also see this lovely note during the credits of Scream. Craven had a verbal agreement with Santa Rosa High School to film there. After constantly delaying and requiring more and more paperwork, the school backed out of the deal citing it “conflicted with exams”.


The Shining

For the scene in which Jack breaks down the bathroom door, the Props Department built a door that could be easily broken. However, Jack Nicholson had worked as a volunteer fire marshal and tore it apart far too easily. The Props Department were then forced to build a stronger door.


The monsters in The Descent pop their heads out early in the movie before being introduced.



While in the hospital before we know this patient is the Jigsaw Killer, we see plans for the Reverse Bear Trap.


In Jaws, Quint names his boat ‘Orca’. Orcas, commonly known as killer whales, are the only predators of great white sharks.


In Insidious: Chapter 2, they thought they were super clever.


Less “movie detail” and more “fun fact”, The Exorcist was filmed before the steadicam was invented, so they rigged this design to catch this shot.


In Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later, Janet Leigh plays a smart part. She is most known for playing Marion in Psycho, and even drives the same car in this movie.

She is also the mother of Jamie Lee Curtis, who is the star of this film and other Halloween movies.


“Who’s your daddy now, bitch?!?” -Fight Attendant who just microwaved a snake from Snakes on a Plane


In the 2017 remake of It, Pennywise appears consistently in the background throughout the movie. One example is here where he appears in the mural behind them.


In the openning scene of It you can see Pennywise’s eyes change color. This is a detail from the book, where he turns his eyes the same color as George’s brother. Probably to lure Georgie into a false sense of “I’m not about to fucking bite your arm off”.


Rose, from Get Out, has photos of all her ex-boyfriends hanging up over her bed. This would be more noticed, if it wasn’t for the truly sociopathic way she eats cereal in this scene.


In Donnie Darko that pumpkin carving looks awfully familiar.


A Quiet Place

The pharmacy is mostly empty, besides the potato chips because they are too loud to eat. Eating Sun Chips is probably equal to suicide here.


Final Destination has each character foreshadow their eventual death during the plane disaster.

Later Tod is strangled to death by his shower curtain wire.


Terry gets smashed to bits by a bus.


And Stiffler gets some scrap metal across his head after surviving a train crash.


4 movies later, the subtly of the franchise is all but gone, as shown by a large orange sign that reads “CAUTION” and shows a broken bridge. Can you guess what happens next?


The Cabin in the Woods is a love letter to all things Horror, and the money shot of all the different monsters in their cages really could fill its own post.

But for now, I’ll point out that the Boomer, Witch, and Tank from Left 4 Dead are visible for a hot second.


Ok, this one isn’t a “horror” film, but it fits well enough.

In Addams Family Values, Pugsley can briefly be seen in the background trying to hang himself.

Extra detail is that if you look closely, the rope is not actually wrapped around the tree, just slung over it in case the actor were to fall.


In Gremlins (1984) while the dad talks to the mom in the phone booth, there’s a large machine in the background. The scene cuts back to the mom, then back to the dad, the machine is gone. The machine is from the classic movie The Time Machine.


In I Am Legend, Will Smith rightfully freaks out when he sees his buddy, Fred the Mannequin, out and about.

You can see the mannequin move its head, and people debate whether or not Smith’s character is seeing this because he is going crazy, or if the monster’s are the ones who set the trap and are moving it to catch his attention.


In The Conjuring 2, we see the name of the demon, Valak, written a few times throughout the film.


Shaun of the Dead gives us the entire movie in one of the first scenes.


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